5 reasons why The Legend of Vox Machina cannot be missed

The Legend of Vox Machina: A Prime Video adult animated series (Via official_tvgrapevine @Instagram)
The Legend of Vox Machina: A Prime Video adult animated series (Via official_tvgrapevine @Instagram)
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The Legend of Vox Machina, the long-awaited adult fantasy animated project, will be launched this January 28 2022, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. It is derived from the very first campaign of Critical Role, Dungeons & Dragons. Viewers of Critical Role are pretty acquainted with Vox Machina's bizarre and goofing heroes, as the show was launched in 2018 with the characters.

Recent news suggests that Amazon Studios has ordered 24 half-hour episodes collectively divided across two seasons. Since Amazon released the trailer for the animated series, it has sprung a lot of incitation among the fans.

The Legend of Vox Machina: Reasons the Prime Video adult animated series cannot be missed

Let's dive right in and list the primary reasons the series cannot be missed.

1) Gleaned from Critical Role's Dungeons & Dragons

With the rapidly growing empire of Dungeons & Dragons, it is pretty apparent that the news of this upcoming animated series being derived from Critical Role's Dungeons & Dragons is creating a lot of buzz, catering to the anticipation of the fans of Critical Role.

Looking at the positive responses and success of Critical Role's first campaign, one can only imagine and expect the same alluring content from this upcoming adult animated series.

2) Founders and cast members of Critical Role will give voice to the characters

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it can be said that one of the main reasons behind the immense success of Critical Role's Dungeons & Dragons campaign is the contribution of the incredible voice actors.

These are also the founder members of Critical Role, such as Liam O'Brien, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Ashley Johson, Sam Riegel, Taliesin Jaffe, and Marisha Ray. Therefore, the same level of expertise can be expected from The Legend of Vox Machina.

3) Robustious fight scenes

As witnessed in the trailer, the highly anticipated adult animated series will boast rollickingly entertaining fight scenes. These fight scenes hold a certain charm about them for animated series.

Critical Role's first campaign, Dungeons & Dragons, has a positive reputation for its over the top, intriguing, and hell-raising fight scenes. As this series is inspired from and based on it, it is natural that the viewers are in for the same treatment.

4) Distinctly intriguing characters and their striking attires

From a glimpse of the trailer for The Legend of Vox Machina, it's crystal clear that when it comes to the characters of the animated series, they are distinctly alluring, and there's no room for subtlety and prudishness in their dialogues. All the central characters in this long-envisioned adult animated series are sketched in a way that compliments each other perfectly without having similar characteristics.

They maintain their individualities quite perfectly. Their staggering attire and over-the-top intriguing features give them an excitingly distinguished portrayal. These features add heavily to the viewers' excitement and anticipation for the series.

5) Designed to appeal to a new audience

As claimed by the show's creators, this adult fantasy animated series has been specially tailored for the viewers who are new to the genre or the story of Critical Role and Dungeons & Dragons.

Therefore, the new audience can equally enjoy the series without knowing the back story, which makes it appealing to a larger audience. Above all, the series is set to portray a fascinating tale of never-before-seen, alluring adventures.

Animation lovers assemble because The Legend of Vox Machina will arrive this January 28, 2022, on Amazon Prime Video. And you don't want to miss it.

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