5 underrated TV shows that premiered in 2021

Annie Murphy in 'Kevin Can F**K Himself' (image via AMC)
Annie Murphy in 'Kevin Can F**K Himself' (image via AMC)

After a difficult year spent in lockdown, 2021 was a year swarming with ideas; so many that viewers could not pay attention to all of them. This led to the release of several underrated shows.

There were some breakthrough shows and breathtaking new seasons to some very popular TV series, but was also a lot the majority missed out on.

Underrated TV shows of 2021

It is always great to see unseen shows come to light. This often happens when big streaming sites take them up (like with Freaks and Geeks). However, it is not always possible to find them all. Hence, here are five such underrated shows from 2021 which are totally worth your time.

1) Reservation Dogs

Reservation Dogs is a comedy drama series that brings about a beautiful representation of Native American lifestyle amidst a comic premise of four teens on their journey to California, their dreamland.

Though the show is underrated, it should garner more attention, considering Taika Waititi is part of the crew on this one. The show is also the first to be shot exclusively in Oklahoma.

2) Made for Love

HBO Max’s #MadeForLove has been renewed for a second season.

HBO Max's dark comedy is reminiscent of Netflix's Black Mirror, but over an entire season. The interesting premise sees a young woman running from her billionaire husband who has implanted a chip in her brain that allows him to see everything she sees.

The show stars Christin Milioti and Billy Magnussen and is already on its way to a new season.

3) Yellowjackets

Showtime's intense drama involving cults, cannibalism, and big secrets is probably the best TV show running right now. The thrilling yet underrated series is filled with dark secrets, exciting revelations and a brilliant performance from the cast. It follows a group of high school soccer players who get trapped in a jungle after an airplane crash.

The show stars Christina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey, Tawney Cypress and Juliette Lewis.

4) Rutherford Falls

It is difficult to see why this show is not a household name already. Created by Michael Schur, the genius of TV comedy, Rutherford Falls is as exciting and fresh as The Office, Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It also stars the familiar faces of Ed Helms and Jana Schmieding, who attempt to honor their family legacy in their sleepy town that brings them to crossroads with each other.

5) Kevin Can F**K Himself

The very interesting sitcom premiered in June 2021. The show alters between traditional sitcom style (multi-camera) and single-camera drama style, giving it a very intriguing approach.

This unfortunately underrated show revolves around a "sitcom" wife, played by Annie Murphy, and her self-centered husband, as she makes a run for her freedom.

With so many new shows coming all year long, it is difficult to pick out the very best ones.Tell us your pick of the year's most underrated shows in the comments.

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