7 shows to watch if you liked Obliterated on Netflix

Eugene Kim, Terrence Terrell, and Paola Lázaro in a scene from Obliterated (Image via IMDb)
Eugene Kim, Terrence Terrell, and Paola Lázaro in a scene from Obliterated (Image via IMDb)

Viewers who have binge-watched the high-octane thrill of Obliterated on Netflix and are left craving more adrenaline-pumping, spy-centric action with a touch of raunchy comedy are in for a treat.

The creators of Cobra Kai have seamlessly woven together action, humor, and suspense in Obliterated, making it a standout series. For those hungry for similar experiences, we've curated a list of seven shows that capture the essence of Obliterated. From espionage to dysfunctional partnerships, these shows promise to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

7 shows to watch if you liked Obliterated

1. Chuck (available on Prime Video & Max)


Chuck unfolds the story of Chuck Bartowski, portrayed by Zachary Levi, an unwitting hero who accidentally downloads government secrets into his brain. This action-comedy series is a rollercoaster of unpredictable scenarios, where Chuck, a Buy More Electronics store employee, finds himself entangled in a world of assassins and international terrorists.

Similar to Obliterated, Chuck brings an ordinary individual into an extraordinary world of espionage. The blend of humor and action, coupled with the unexpected hero narrative, resonates with the spirit of Obliterated.

2. Lethal Weapon (available on Hulu & Rent on Prime Video)


Based on the hit movie franchise, Lethal Weapon follows the classic cop duo Riggs and Murtaugh as they navigate crime-ridden modern-day Los Angeles. The series explores the clash between Riggs' unconventional approach and Murtaugh's by-the-book technique. Riggs and Murtaugh's contrasting styles and their crime-fighting escapades offer a thrilling and humorous experience.

3. The A-Team (available on Rent on Prime Video)


The A-Team features a group of former U.S. Army Special Operations soldiers wrongly accused of a crime. This classic series features this group of highly-trained operatives operating outside the law. They leverage their unique skills to complete missions for hire while evading capture by the military police.

4. Slow Horses (available on Apple TV+)


Slow Horses is a darkly humorous espionage drama following a dysfunctional team of British intelligence agents in MI5's Slough House. Jackson Lamb, played by Gary Oldman, the irascible leader, guides the spies as they navigate the smoke and mirrors of the espionage world.

The combination of humor and espionage in Slow Horses mirrors the tone set by Obliterated. Both series delves into the complexities of intelligence work while injecting humor into the high-stakes world of spies.

5. MacGyver (available on Prime Video & Paramount+)


A reimagining of the classic series, MacGyver follows Angus ‘Mac’ MacGyver, a young operative who creates a clandestine organization within the U.S. government. Armed with unconventional problem-solving skills, MacGyver and his team embark on high-risk missions worldwide.

MacGyver shares the theme of resourcefulness with Obliterated. Both series feature protagonists who navigate perilous situations using unconventional methods, adding an element of intellect to the action.

6. Fubar (available on Netflix)


Fubar stars Arnold Schwarzenegger in an action series about a CIA operative on the verge of retirement who discovers a family secret. Forced to return to the field for one last job, the series explores universal family dynamics against a backdrop of global espionage. The unexpected twists and action-packed sequences make it a compelling follow-up for fans of the genre.

7. Archer (available on Hulu & Rent on Prime Video)


Archer follows Sterling Archer, the suave and confident world's greatest spy. The animated comedy spans different time periods and locations, navigating the misadventures of Archer and his team as they tackle various missions. Archer offers a unique take on the spy genre with its animated format. The series combines animation and humor with espionage, which makes it a standout in its genre.

For fans captivated by the explosive blend of action and comedy in Obliterated, these seven shows provide a diverse array of experiences within the spy-centric genre.


From unconventional heroes to dysfunctional teams, each series brings its flair to the world of espionage, ensuring an entertaining ride for those seeking more after the exhilarating journey of Obliterated on Netflix.

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Edited by Shubham Soni
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