10 classic office romance K-dramas you should watch

10 swoon-worthy office romance K-dramas (Image via Twitter/@TVWatchertower, @WenSirii,@_kairoooo)
10 swoon-worthy office romance K-dramas (Image via Twitter/@TVWatchertower, @WenSirii,@_kairoooo)

One of the most well-received pieces of content from the Korean entertainment industry is its office romance K-dramas. Fans can't help but swoon over the main characters' budding romance as they slowly begin to fall in love with each other, making work hours much more bearable. The genre of office romances has evolved significantly over the years, with many unique plots that never fail to melt the audience over their love.

From hilarious comedies to melancholic sentimental tragi-comedies, K-dramas have got a bagful of office romance series for everyone. Digging up the lengthy line-up of office romance K-dramas, this listicle has stacked up ten series, from recent releases to older classics, that you should add to your watch list.

She was Pretty, Coffee Prince, and 8 other swoon-worthy office romance K-dramas that you should watch

1) What's wrong with Secretary Kim?

One of the most well-known and popular office romance K-dramas to start off the list is What's wrong with Secretary Kim? The 2018 K-drama with Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young in the lead roles continues to entice fans of the romantic subgenre thanks to the narcissistic male lead's soft spot only for his secretary.

Lee Young-joon, the vice president of a huge company who has always had his way, feels urged to dig into the roots of secretary Kim, who wants to quit her job. Based on a Korean webtoon, the charismatic looks of Park Seo-joon and the unmatched beauty of Park Min-young coming together to create an office romance show received a lot of attention and love from fans.

2) Start-up

Featuring an impressive cast of actors such as Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Seon-ho, and Bae Suzy, Start Up is one of the office romance K-dramas that had its viewers experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. The plot revolves around Seo Dal-mi, the female lead, who is on a mission to start her own business and has two men falling for her. One man from her past and one she believes is the one from her past.

As the show progresses and Seo Dal-mi pursues her dream endeavor, the audience is kept on the edge of their seats as they wait to see which of the two men she will choose. This K-drama has left many viewers in tears and filled with nostalgia because it has a strong case of second-lead syndrome.

3) Strong Woman Do Bong-soo

Strong Woman Do Bong-soo adds a supernatural element to the otherwise usual office romance K-drama to spice it up. The CEO of a successful gaming company meets the hulk-strengthened Do Bong-soo and decides to hire her as her bodyguard. Starring Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young, the K-drama is a binge-worthy series that has fans screaming at their sweet love.

To make things more interesting, the show includes an intriguing and thrilling plot about a serial killer who kidnaps young, petite women, which Do Bong-soo hopes to put an end to. This K-drama was praised in particular for its focus on the female lead and how she resolved the crises surrounding her hereditary superpower.

4) She was Pretty

She Was Pretty is another classic from Park Seo-Joon starring office romance K-dramas. Released in 2015, the series revolves around the budding romance between two childhood friends who meet again as employees of a fashion magazine fifteen years later.

The female lead, who used to be brimming with beauty, is robbed of it by a series of unfortunate events. With everyone around her treating her coldly, the return of Sung-joon, who used to be unappealing but now has stunning visuals, brings love back into her life.

5) Suspicious Partner

The first legal K-drama from the list of office romance K-dramas is Suspicious Partner, starring Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun. The brewing romance between attorney Ji-wook and his personal trainee, Bong-hee grows complex as they are met with a series of unexpected obstacles. When Bong-hee is framed as a murder suspect for the death of her ex-boyfriend, Ji-wook steps in to defend her, risking his career.

6) My Shy Boss

One of the most entertaining comedic office romance K-dramas, My Shy Boss, stars Yeon Woo-jin and Park Hye-soo. When the shy and introverted CEO has an extroverted and energetic girl join his company, his life changes dramatically. As the two open up to one another, they both reveal that they are not who they appear to be, drawing the couple closer together.

Many fans found the budding love between the polar opposite personalities extremely swoon-worthy, leaving them hyping their cute interactions. As the show progresses, it's understood that the two leads are meant for one another as they brighten up each other's personalities.

7) Coffee Prince

One can't talk about office romance K-dramas without bringing up Coffee Prince, an unconventional yet much-appreciated show. Eun Chan, a tomboy who's often mistaken for a man, lands a job as a delivery man at a coffee shop. Desperate for money, she chooses to disguise herself as a man in order to keep her job. Everything flows smoothly until her boss, Choi Han-gyeol, starts to fall in love with her.

The show is based on a novel of the same name and stars K-drama industry icons Gong Yoo and Yoo Eun-hye. Coffee Prince was commended for its progressive storyline, swoon-worthy romance, and engrossing plot.

8) Her Private Life

One thing about Park Min-young starring in office romance K-dramas means that fans can tune in with high expectations. This show, a classic from her, revolves around a secretly fanatical fangirl of White Ocean's Cha Shi-an, who has only brought her heartbreak.

While she is sincerely committed to her work as an art gallery curator, she attempts to conceal her fan website for the K-pop idol beneath the rag. Despite her efforts, Ryan, who recently joined the same company as the art director, discovers her website and becomes more interested in her personal life.

9) Business Proposal

Business Proposal was one of the most famous office romance K-dramas that 2022 gave its fans, and it seemed to be a hit with everyone. It won the hearts of many viewers by taking them back to the days of yore when the plot used to be simple and predictable, blended with nostalgia, comedy, and romance.

The story, starring Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Min-kyu, and Seol In-ah, begins by introducing complications through a series of small white lies. Ha-ri, who goes on a blind date in place of her best friend, finds herself in a sticky situation when the date turns out to be her new boss. The tangles loosen as the story progresses, leaving fans with the sweet romance of the two couples.

10) Romance is a Bonus Book

Romance is a Bonus Book, starring Lee Jong-suk and Lee Na-young, comes in last on the list of office romance K-dramas. Released in 2019, the show explores the realities of a publishing company and the harsh reality that its employees are made to face.

When the youngest editor-in-chief of a company, who's a gifted writer, crosses paths with a copywriter looking for a job, romance sparks between the two. The show also tackles age stereotypes in its love tropes, making it an ideal Noona-themed watch for K-drama fans.

As 2022 comes to an end, K-drama fans hope to see more of the classic office romance K-dramas that never seem to go off-trend.

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