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A KSI-themed birthday cake leaves Twitter scandalized 

Image via KSI and icandy cakes
Image via KSI and icandy cakes
Modified 17 Feb 2021

This KSI birthday cake leaves its mark on Twitter, but KSI says he wouldn't eat it.

Many people have made cakes somewhat resembling celebrities in the past, but they never tend to get any response. KSI's response to this specific one, may not have been positive, but it did help the cake go viral. In some circles, this kind of exposure is enough to gain a real following online.

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Whoever made the cake was confident enough to make it big. It looks like it was meant to feed an extended family. Funny enough, the size of the cake is a contributing factor to how easy it was to make memes.


Even though the outcome of the cake may have rattled some, it was special enough to be recognized by many. Anyone can say that they made something that people didn't like, but not many can say that they made something that had this much of an effect on others. Jokes aside, the effort is there and the outcome is amazing.

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KSI's cake was created by two bakers, who are not happy about how their cake has been made fun of

The creators of this cake are not happy that some have not appreciated the effort that went into their cake. The iCandy Cakes creators have gone to Twitter to call out KSI and everyone who made belittling jokes. They want everyone to know that they find the entire situation offensive.

The creators made this cake for their friend's daughter, who has completely different feelings about it. She tolerates the jokes and finds it exciting that her cake is now a meme. She screenshotted many jokes and posted them on Twitter. That's a good attitude to have.

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The cake itself is a triumph as many are unaware

One last thing to note is that this cake was made by someone who does not have all 10 fingers.


When taking this important fact into account, the cake itself is a monument to determination. This baker spent three years practicing and continues even though it is harder for someone with his hardship.

It is important to remember that others may not have the same advantages and practice is what makes perfect. Hopefully, this whole incident will not stop the bakers, and KSI will issue an apology for not knowing.

Published 16 Feb 2021, 22:40 IST
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