“A legend in her own mind”: Meghan Markle’s Variety interview highlights revealed as netizens put the Duchess of Sussex on blast

Details about the Variety magazine interview explored as Meghan Markle gets trolled for her answers. (Image via Variety Magazine)
Details about the Variety magazine interview explored as Meghan Markle gets trolled for her answers. (Image via Variety Magazine)

Meghan Markle was recently seen in the new issue of Variety as she gave an in-depth interview about her life in the royal family with Prince Harry. The issue was supposed to roll out last month, as she was supposed to be one of the women honored in this year’s Power of Women event in September. However, with the Queen’s passing, the interview and the cover feature were postponed to October 2022.

However, the Duchess of Sussex’s revelations infuriated the netizens as many were perplexed by her answers to the magazine. One social media user tweeted:

“Saint Meghan… A work of Fiction. A Legend in her own mind.”

What did Meghan Markle say to inflame the netizens?: Highlights from the Variety interview explored

During the interview, Meghan Markle talked about a couple of things, ranging from her favorite Beyonce song to her being in the movie business. She was also asked if she would like to continue acting, to which she replied with:

"No. I'm done. I guess never say never, but my intention is to absolutely not."

When asked if she would like Archie and Lili to explore the movie industry, she said:

"When you become a parent, you genuinely want your kids to find the things that bring them complete joy. They're our kids, obviously, and they're part of a legacy and a tradition and a family that will have other expectations. But I want them to be able to carve out their own path. If it's the entertainment industry, great. And also, good luck.”

During the interview, Meghan Markle also talked about Beyonce’s Cozy being her favorite track from the album. She also revealed that she and her husband both work from their home office, allowing them to spend more time with the kids. Talking more about Prince Harry, she revealed that he has an obsession with In-N-Out:

"'My husband's favorite is In-N-Out,' Meghan says. 'There's one at the halfway point between L.A. and our neck of the woods. It's really fun to go through the drive-thru and surprise them. They know our order.'"

At the same time, she also confessed that both of them are still grieving Queen Elizabeth. She confessed that it was a complicated time for the family, and Prince Harry stated how the Queen reunited with her husband after her death on September 8, 2022.

The Variety interview did not sit well with netizens as they bashed the Duchess of Sussex

While it may seem like netizens have always been critical of Meghan Markle's interviews, this one, in particular, has been rather light. Meghan did not make any shocking revelations, nor did not confess anything controversial about the royal family. Yet, her answers sparked some controversy, as people on social media expressed their harsh opinions toward the Duchess of Sussex.

During the interview, Megan was asked about her advice to the actor, who will play her 100 years from now. To this, Meghan said:

“I hope that in preparing for that role, she finds the softness and the playfulness and the laughter. The silliness. I just hope she finds the dimensions. Also, she can call me!”

To this, the netizens couldn’t stop but troll Meghan Markle. One user said:

“The 'smart' one obviously didn't understand the question.”

Additionally, she talked about the interview that has been the most challenging for her on the Archetypes podcast. To this, the Duchess responded by saying Paris Hilton’s name.

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