"Abort mission": Fans claim Brittany needed to leave after Matt's mum interrogates her in I Love a Mama's Boy

Brittany (Image via Instagram/@brittytayy)
Brittany (Image via Instagram/@brittytayy)

TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy Season 3 returned for an all-new dramatic episode on Sunday night. This week, Matt finally introduced his new girlfriend, Brittany, to his mother, Kelly. While things were expected to be intense, viewers were taken aback at the way in which Matt's mother grilled Britanny with weird questions that made everyone uncomfortable.

During her confessional, Britanny shared that their first meeting didn't go well. She added that even though Kelly wasn't mean, she wasn't nice either.

Episode 3 of I Love a Mama's Boy, titled Spanky Spanky, featured a lot of unexpected drama. The minute Brittany arrived at Kelly's home, the situation seemed tense and awkward.

What questions did Kelly ask Brittany in the latest episode of I Love a Mama's Boy?

In the episode, Kelly shared that she had a gift for her son's girlfriend. The gift turned out to be a grass hula skirt.

Even though Matt was shocked, Brittany wore the skirt like a sport. But what the I Love a Mama's Boy star didn't expect was to be grilled by her boyfriend's mother. The minute Brittany sat down, Kelly whipped out a clipboard and started asking her a slew of weird questions.

Perhaps the strangest of these questions was when Kelly asked Brittany if she would find her nudes if she googled her name. As if that was not enough, Kelly also asked her about her intentions with Matt. Though Matt was upset with his mum's behavior, and Brittany felt uncomfortable, she did answer the questions.

When the I Love a Mama's Boy star was asked about signing a prenup, she retorted by asking Kelly if she had signed a prenup when she married Matt's dad. This came as a surprise to both Kelly and Matt.

Following the episode, fans took to social media to share that Brittany needed to leave.

Fans tell Britanny to "Run" in response to Kelly's inappropriate questions in I Love a Mama's Boy Season 3, Episode 3

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that Britanny needed to run and abort the mission. Some also added that they liked her snarky response to the prenup questions that were posed to her.

What else happened this week in I Love A Mama's Boy Season 3, Episode 3

During her confessional, Brittany shared that Kelly's questions to her were making her feel like she was questioning her character.

She said:

"Kelly's questions seem very, I don't want to say sarcastic, but almost as if she's questioning my character, very condesceding."

Kelly also asked Brittany where she would like to settle down in the future. Brittany shared that she would eventually like to leave California. Kelly didn't like her response and said that if she married Matt, moving would mean that she would be taking him away.

She also asked Brittany questions about having children, and what her opinions were about her kids having a close relationship with their grandparents. Matt was uncomfortable with the questions asked by his mother and shared that he and Brittany hadn't spoken about these things as of yet.

I Love a Mama's Boy airs every Sunday night at 10 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check local listings for more information.

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