ACE Family's Austin McBroom runs away from paparazzi on being asked about financial issues, amid bankruptcy and house foreclosure drama 

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Image via Getty Images

Amidst the ongoing ACE Family drama, Austin McBroom was chased by paparazzi where they asked him about Social Gloves employees not being paid after the boxing match between YouTubers and TikTokers. Austin McBroom is the alleged owner of the company. The event, which took place on June 12th, was called "Battle of the Platforms." The paparazzi also asked him about the ACE Family being evicted.

Austin was seen walking away from the paparazzi and avoiding talking about the mansion scandal.

Austin McBroom's Response to Paparazzi

A reporter from The Daily Stardust was chasing Austin McBroom. The reporter congratulated Austin for winning the match against Bryce Hall at the Social Gloves event. Austin was deflecting questions about not paying the Social Gloves employees after the match by asking the reporter where he works and whether he came to the Social Gloves matches.

Austin was getting into his vehicle when he was asked about him not paying the employees, he said:

“Shoutout to you guys, you guys are always working hard man. I see you.”

The paparazzi also asked Austin about the ACE Family mansion being up for pre- foreclosure, which Austin deflected again.

The $7 mansion is up for pre-closure after Austin and Catherine McBroom purportedly failed to make payments. Legal documents were circulating around the internet where the house was posted on Zillow with the address blocked out. The two had failed to pay mortgage and taxes. The family is also being sued for $65,000 by their former landlord after failing to pay rent and breaking out of their contract early.

He responded to the mansion controversy by posting a story on his Instagram saying that they were not “moving” and would have made a video about it if they were. He also told people not to believe everything they see on the internet.

Austin McBroom, the alleged owner of Social Gloves Entertainment, also failed to pay the company’s employees after the 'Battle of the Platforms’ event.

YouTuber Tana Mongeau attacked Austin McBroom for failing to pay the employees to which he responded:

“Don’t try and bring me or the event down to make you feel better about Tanacon. Every fighter including myself will be getting paid and a lawsuit is happening and it’s not with the social gloves dumb dumb.”


On the BFFs podcast, it was revealed that the company was filing for bankruptcy. Austin McBroom declined to comment on the matter.

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