Addison Rae appears to run away from paparazzi on being asked if she is a Donald Trump supporter 

Image via Getty Images
Image via Getty Images

TikTok sensation Addison Rae is under fire after enthusiastically trying to greet former president Donald Trump at the UFC 264 event, which took place on 10 July. Addison got up from her seat in the middle of the fight to greet Trump. She said,

“Hi, I’m Addison. It’s nice to meet you. I have to say hi, hello. Nice to meet you”

Since the video surfaced online, the 20-year-old has been receiving flack all over the internet for being a Trump supporter. When the paparazzi asked Addison Rae whether she was still receiving backlash for being a Trump supporter, Rae walked away.

Is Addison Rae a Republican?

This is not the first time the Louisiana-native has been exposed for her political leanings. In September 2020, a TikToker shared pictures of Rae’s alleged voting record. It appears that she had been leaning towards the right since 2014. When the rumors began going viral, Rae slyly denied them, explaining that she was not yet registered.

Addison Rae was also found liking several tweets hinting that she was a Republican. She had liked a tweet that read, “If you’re voting for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman, than (then) you are literally so ignorant.”

The influencer also liked another tweet that read, “Who yall voting for “RT” for Hillary Clinton “Like” for Donald Trump.

The internet took to roasting Addison Rae online. Some stated that since she is from Louisiana, it comes as no surprise that she supports Trump. Others took to her defense, saying that she is still young, and that people change.

A lot seemed to have gone wrong for the TikToker during the UFC event. Rae was also dragged online when she recently tweeted that she was going to be a UFC reporter “after studying broadcast journalism for 3 whole months.” Netizens fired at her for taking away well-deserving jobs from journalists who work hard for it. After receiving flack online, Rae tweeted, “nvm y’all got me fired.”

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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