Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle Dove: Re-release date rumors, price and more details explored

Adidas Yeezy BOOST 350 Turtle Dove will be restocked soon (Image via Knowing Kicks)
Adidas Yeezy BOOST 350 Turtle Dove will be restocked soon (Image via Knowing Kicks)

It's time to give a hero’s welcome to the Adidas Yeezy BOOST 350 in the “Turtle Dove” colorway. Kanye’s footwear label is all set to restock the widely-loved shoes that were originally released back in 2015. With their enduring charm, the shoes that were a best-seller years ago will once again smash records in 2022.

The Adidas Yeezy BOOST 350 “Turtle Dove” will be restocked at $200. Although the official re-release date has not yet been announced, sneaker aficionados believe that they can be launched anytime soon this year.

As per the long-circulating rumors, all the Yeezyheads will have another golden opportunity to grab their shoes via the e-commerce websites of Adidas and Yeezy Supply.

Adidas Yeezy BOOST 350 “Turtle Dove” shoes returning after seven years

Ye’s sleuths, @yeezyinfluence have confirmed that the Yeezy BOOST 350 Turtle Dove will be relaunched in the coming weeks, over seven years after its last release.

The upcoming sneakers have Primeknit uppers in blue and gray tones that are reminiscent of the "Turtle Dove" motif. The entire body of the pair is detailed with similar motifs to that of the uppers. Adding more to the Turtle Dove theme, they are complemented with matching weaved laces.

The shoe collars are highlighted with off-white woven fabric placed next to the laces. Knitted collars not only ensure easy entry but are also an ideal choice for a secure fit. The red thread marks, on the white fabric sewn on the back, are used to accentuate the heel tabs.

The white TPU encapsulated full-length BOOST sole components are placed at the bottom of the shoe to complete the look. The comfort of the wearer is never compromised by these well-liked sole pieces.

What are other recent plans of Adidas Yeezy?

In line with its April releases, Adidas Yeezy is gearing up for the launch of the two new renditions of its most popular Foam Runners. The sneakers will be available in two colorways: "Stone Sage" and "Sulfur," and will cost $90 each. The two pairs will be the newest additions to the extensive array of Foam Runner shoes, with a release date of April 22.

The label also re-introduced one of its most iconic BOOST 350 V2 in the “Zebra” colorway. When the shoe was first released in 2017, it quickly sold out and went on to the reseller market, where it sold for three times its initial retail price of $220.

The sneaker that garnered a lot of attention was re-released on April 9, 2022. It is currently available for purchase from Adidas and Yeezy Supply's e-commerce website.

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