ARMY labels BTS SUGA x ØMI’s single ‘You’ a ‘masterpiece’

BTS' SUGA and J-pop artist ØMI (Images via LDC Records and Twitter/@bighit_official)
BTS' SUGA and J-pop artist ØMI (Images via LDC Records and Twitter/@bighit_official)

BTS’ talented producer SUGA returns to his first love, producing music, with J-pop idol ØMI’s You, a track from his latest single album ANSWER… SHINE. The J-pop idol member teased the collaboration for a few days and finally released it on October 14.

You is a pop track with a serene music video blending smoothly with ØMI’s vocals and SUGA’s beats. SUGA co-produced the song with ØMI and is also credited as a co-writer for the song. Another release in the album is titled Starlight.

#MinPDIsBack, #ØMIxSUGA trends on Twitter as ARMY reacts to BTS' SUGA produced ‘You’

SUGA, aka Min Yoongi, is more than just a member of the super-famous K-pop group BTS. He is also a lyricist and a producer. But, his collaboration with ØMI comes off as a slight surprise for the fans.

ØMI (real name Hiroomi Tosaka) is a vocalist of the popular J-pop band Sandaime J Soul Brothers and also a solo artist. ANSWER… SHINE, which he has collaborated with BTS’ SUGA for a song, is a sequel to his EP ANSWER... SHADOW.

The music video for You was released on October 14, and since listening to the upbeat track, fans are already calling it a masterpiece and a touching song.

Take a look at some of the reactions below:

An aerial take of ØMI riding around the hills and open greenery offers a visual not many have seen due to the pandemic. But the aesthetic does wonders to the song, just like the music.

The ‘you’ in the song can be linked to anyone who helps one embrace themselves, with all “regrets and mistakes”.

Before the video's release, he went live on Instagram and talked about the process of working with SUGA. He shared that he was the first one to ask for a collaboration. Further, he shared that when the song was still in its early stages and the lyrics weren’t finalized, BTS' SUGA used the word ‘you’ in the demo, and they went along with it.

Check out the music video for ØMI X SUGA You here:


Meanwhile, producer SUGA and ØMI's You and Starlight immediately ranked No. 1 and 6, respectively, on LINE’s Top 100 chart.

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