"Asking for that BudLight treatment?": CoComelon Lane boy in dress controversy explained amid boycott calls

CoComelon Lane released on Netflix in mid-November. (Image via X/IlluminateShadws)
CoComelon Lane released on Netflix in mid-November. (Image via X/IlluminateShadws)

On Wednesday, December 20, the Netflix children’s show CoComelon Lane came under fire after a scene in an episode portraying a boy dancing in a tutu (a ballet skirt) went viral. Although it was released in November, the clip first surfaced online when X account @EndWokeness tweeted about it.

“The new CoComelon Lane on Netflix has a boy in a dress dance for his 2 gay dads. CoComelon is the most popular show for babies and toddlers ages 2+,” read the caption.

As soon as the episode's premise became clear, it sparked mass outrage, with netizens calling it “truly evil,” among other things. In this regard, an X user tweeted that CoComelon Lane was asking for the BudLight treatment, meaning it wants to get banned, just like the beer brand BudLight was boycotted for featuring trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney on its ad campaign earlier this year.

“They’re going after the children and they aren’t even trying to hide it”: Netflix and CoComelon Lane face backlash for its latest episode

According to Newsweek, the alleged controversial scene from CoComelon Lane was part of the eighth episode of the first season, titled Nina’s Three-Legged Race/ Say Cheese Nico/ Nina Shares a Treat. It showed a boy named Nico having trouble deciding what to wear for his family photo, while his gay dads encouraged him to wear and do whatever he wanted.

In the now-viral clip, the dads are seen singing, “Something that we know about you, you love to get up and dance.” Nico instantly responds, “Oh yeah!” and quickly changes into a tutu and a tiara. While his dads continue to cheer him up and ask him to “break out those moves for your two biggest fans,” Nico is seen obliging them with pleasure.

“If you are not sure what to choose, think about all the things you like to do. Just be you… When you are trying to decide, think about all the things you like to do. Just be you,” the dads sing in union.

When Nico asks, “Just be me?”, the dad replies with affirmation, “Yep!” Finally, feeling convinced, Nico utters, “Just be me!”


As soon as this 40-second video emerged online, it garnered enough traction, with most people asking for a boycott of the show as well as Netflix, for allegedly trying to corrupt the minds of the children.

People have expressed issue with allowing a little boy to dress up in a girl’s attire (crossdressing), alongside the portrayal of homosexual dads. In this regard, here are some of the backlashes from the comment section of @EndWokeness.

As per Newsweek, the clip was part of the larger scene where Nico tries out different other outfits, including that of a firefighter and a chef. So far, neither Netflix nor the makers of CoComelon Lane have reacted to the boycott calls.

For those uninitiated, CoComelon Lane is a spinoff of the popular kids animated series CoComelon and was launched on Netflix on November 17, 2023.

It is noteworthy that over 500 anti-LGBTQI+ bills are doing rounds across the USA, with conservatives asking to end the “wokeness” and stop influencing children to undergo gender transition.

Edited by Babylona Bora