Austin McBroom, accused by Tana Mongeau of cheating on his wife, calls Tana a "clout chaser"

Tana Mongeau exposes Austin McBroom for allegedly cheating on Catherine Paiz (Image via Instagram)
Tana Mongeau exposes Austin McBroom for allegedly cheating on Catherine Paiz (Image via Instagram)

On June 12th, hours before the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event, Austin McBroom has been accused of cheating on his wife by Tana Mongeau.

ACE Family patriarch Austin McBroom and model Catherine Paiz have been married since 2017. The two gave birth to three children: Elle, Alaia, and Steele. Austin has previously been accused of cheating on Catherine multiple times, with the two hashing out the issue publicly.


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Austin McBroom accused of cheating again

On Saturday afternoon, Tana Mongeau posted a series of tweets claiming Austin McBroom was cheating on Catherine Paiz repeatedly. This follows a TikTok video she had posted explaining the situation, only to delete it quickly afterward.

According to Tana, she had received a facetime call from Catherine, asking if a lipstick found in Austin's car was hers. Tana then answered that it was to "save the kids." However, Tana exposed Austin by telling the truth.

"I'm sorry Catherine, but it wasn't. But, we team Bryce out here on god."

Tana began a Twitter feud with Austin McBroom.

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Tana also claimed that Austin McBroom allegedly hired friends of hers as nannies and masseuses to "cheat" on Catherine.

Austin McBroom claps back

Austin took to Twitter to respond to Tana's claims by calling her a "clout chaser."

According to the YouTuber, the lipstick found in his car belonged to Erika Costell, former manager and girlfriend of Jake Paul, from when he was dropping her off at Jake's house.

Erika Costell even chimed in, asking Austin if she could "get that back" about the lipstick.

Austin McBroom is set to box Bryce Hall for a headlining fight at the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event. Fans are in high anticipation as many are fans of both.

The fight is expected to commence around midnight EST.

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