Austin McBroom hit with multiple lawsuits, as James Harden and Tayler Holder claim $2 million each over Social Gloves fiasco

Images via Getty Images and Instagram
Images via Getty Images and Instagram

YouTuber-boxer Austin McBroom is part of several lawsuits at the moment which one cannot keep count of. The ACE Family patriarch was recently hit by lawsuits from TikTok star Tayler Holder and basketball player James Harden.

The two took part in the Social Gloves Entertainment: Battle of the Platforms - YouTubers vs TikTokers event. The company is owned by Austin McBroom, who is now under fire for not paying several boxers and employees who helped bring the event to life.

Several internet personalities, including Josh Richards, Vinnie Hacker, Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul and Bryce Hall, have spoken publicly about the failed payment.

Austin McBroom defended the Social Gloves company, which was rumored to be filing for bankruptcy after failing to meet its 10,000,000 pay-per-view goals. The June 12th event allegedly made only 136,000 PPVs.

In a press meeting, Austin McBroom denied the bankruptcy rumors and announced that they were suing their digital media partner, LiveXLive, which was withholding funds that would pay the boxers. McBroom also claimed to have not been paid either.

Austin McBroom drowns in lawsuits

TikTok star Tayler Holder recently filed a lawsuit against Austin McBroom for failing to pay the guaranteed $2 million for the social media star's boxing match. According to legal documents, the TikToker is suing McBroom for breach of contract, claiming that he was stiffed for the guaranteed money.

Holder stated that he was paid $85,000 up front to sign up for the fight and was guaranteed $2 million or 2% of the adjusted gross revenue of the event. Austin McBroom’s legal team responded to the lawsuit with a later stating:

“In light of the apparent underperformance of the Event, our firm has been retained to represent (McBroom) in connection with either a workout of the claims of all of its creditors or if a workout is not feasible a likely bankruptcy filing.”

Brooklyn Nets star James Harden also sent in legal letters to Austin McBroom after Harden had invested $2 million into the boxing tournament. He was promised another $400,000 in profits which he is now demanding as well.

Although Austin McBroom promised that Social Gloves will be paying the fighters before their next event, people speculate that there will be no event hosted by the company again and employees will continue to fight for pay.

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