Avatar 2 fans predict massive box office success ahead of the film's theatrical release

A still from Avatar 2 (Image via 20th Century Fox)
A still from Avatar 2 (Image via 20th Century Fox)

With James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of the Water almost ready for its global theatrical release, fans of the extravagant film have already started to predict that the film will be a huge box office success. Some have even suggested that it will beat the world record set by the original film.

The original film's USP was its visual beauty, making it a fantastic theatrical experience. One Twitter user said the new film will open with over $500 million on its initial release:

Avatar: The Way of the Water has long been a subject of discussion. The film has already had several premieres and has now been officially released in London.

"1.6 billion at the box office" - Fans predict Avatar: Way of the Water box office success

James Cameron's magnum opus was a massive hit among fans when it came out in 2009. The film's visual appeal was the main reason for its huge popularity. With the second part out of the proposed five ready to release globally, fans and analysts are already predicting a huge turnover for the new film.

It will hardly be a surprise, given the improvement in CGI and visual effects, something that Cameron heavily relies on for making his films. Check out some tweets about the box office predictions of the upcoming film:

Another tweet summed up the emotion of Avatar's box office prediction, saying:

"All the box office reporting for Avatar is going to use “soars” in the headline."

While not everyone is equally excited about the Cameron film making headlines and earning a huge chunk at the box office, it is undeniable that the film is tipped to succeed gloriously.

Avatar: The Way of the Water has been in production for a long time. After several delays, it suffered another round due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But now, with the premiere of the second film, Cameron is all set to continue the saga with three more films, taking the total to five. However, reports have emerged that the future of the upcoming films depends heavily on the latest one's performance at the box office.

Speaking about the delays in the film's production, Cameron said in an interview:

"I think the lowest point was when we all got locked down, the whole world got locked down. Everything was up for grabs. All of our priorities suddenly didn't mean what we thought they meant, and recovering and coming out of that and getting back into production, and then working for a subsequent couple of years on a film that might not have theaters to play in, you know?"

Cameron added:

"And then slowly seeing the industry around me recovering as I'm finishing the film, and then building up optimism and confidence that there will be theaters to play the film in."

Avatar: The Way of the Water will premiere globally on December 16, 2022. Stay tuned for more updates.

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