Trailer for Avatar 2: 5 major takeaways

Avatar: The Way of the Water (Image via Disney)
Avatar: The Way of the Water (Image via Disney)

The much-anticipated trailer for Avatar 2, or Avatar: Way of the Water, just dropped on the internet. The Disney-produced film has been the topic of discussion for a long, long time, especially with the release date rapidly approaching. Avatar: The Way of the Water dropped a teaser-trailer back in May, but the visually stunning teaser did not provide much insight into the plot of the film.

Directed by James Cameroon again, Avatar 2 is the first of the four planned sequences in the series. The new trailer, which runs for approximately two and a half minutes, showcases a lot more about the plot and the setting, giving a glimpse into the beautiful world of Pandora and its aquatic elements, something the director had previously hinted at.


Here are some major takeaways from the latest trailer for Avatar 2 as we await the film's release on December 16, 2022.

Five things we got to know from the new trailer of Avatar 2

1) A new height of "visually stunning"

The first thing that most viewers will notice about the trailer is the beauty of each frame. The flawless CGI, impeccably good colors, and brilliant camera work navigating through the beautiful lands of Pandora, all give an image of a film that knows how to hypnotize the viewers.

Moreover, the emphasis on underwater life and scenery is evident in the trailer. This is something the director talked about when discussing the new film in the series.

2) Sigourney Weaver’s new character in Avatar 2

Previous reports confirmed that Sigourney Weaver would return for Avatar: Way of the Water despite her death at the end of the original film. This has been confirmed in the new trailer. However, she seems to be playing a different character this time.

As viewers will remember, the character was killed off in the first part while Jake and Neytiri tried to transfer her consciousness into an Avatar but it failed. Her return may lead to a new plotline in the sequel.

3) Omaticaya's home is burning again

Much like in Avatar, the trailer for Avatar 2 reveals another sequence of Omaticaya burning, with Jake overlooking the sight. This is exactly how it happened in the first film. This is also a confirmation that the new film will feature another war with the Resources Development Administration (RDA).

4) The RDA will engage in naval warfare

The final sequence of the extended trailer depicts a fight between the RDA and the Na'vi, but it is underwater this time. This hints that, with time, the RDA has adapted to naval warfare and is now willing to fight the Na'vi in their own environment. This could mean a great deal of difficulty for the Pandora natives.

5) Quaritch is back, better than ever

Though the previous trailer also hinted at the same thing, the new trailer confirmed that Stephen Lang is back as Quaritch, and looks more menacing than ever. According to sources, Quaritch will return as Recombinant, a Na'vi avatar imprinted with the memories of a soldier.

The trailer also shows him crushing a skull. While it does appear to be a human skull, nothing solid has been revealed yet.

Avatar 2 will answer all the underlying questions of viewers when it releases on December 16, 2022.

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