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"Ban Keemstar and Void": YouTubers slammed for mocking Jonghyun's suicide in K-pop stans diss track

Keemstar is facing heat from the K-Pop fandom online
Keemstar is facing heat from the K-Pop fandom online
Modified 25 Mar 2021

YouTubers Daniel "Keemstar" Keem and Void recently invoked the wrath of several K-pop fans across the globe after their recent "K-Pop Stans Diss Track" was slammed for using clips from the late K-pop idol Jonghyun's funeral.

Towards the end of their 3:39 minute diss track, there is a rather distasteful reference to Jonghyun, a core member of the popular K-pop group Shinee. He tragically passed away by committing suicide in 2017.

The line in question talks about how the K-pop industry's immense pressure has reportedly driven several artists to commit suicide.

"What these corporations doing to these kids, just aint right ..I wonder why lately man they all be commiting suicide"

However, the diss track's belittling and mocking tone ended up overshadowing any semblance of the underlying message that the creators intended to convey.

In response to this diss track, scores of K-pop fans called out Keemstar and Void on Twitter. Andreas's music producer also received backlash for an unwarranted and derogatory attack on the beloved late K-pop artist.

Amid mounting dissent, Keemstar and Void soon took to Twitter to explain themselves.


Keemstar and Void face cancelation, as K-Pop fans call them out over Jonghyun's reference

Void is often known to release diss tracks on various internet influencers and celebrities, having done so in the past with Jake Paul, Trisha Paytas, Pokimane, Mini Ladd, and more.

However, in his recent track with Keemstar, he ended up venturing into a rather murky quagmire, as the song's controversial lyrics touched a raw nerve in the K-pop community.

As the backlash began to reach incendiary levels, Keemstar attempted to defend his actions by claiming that he didn't know about Jonghyun's suicide while shifting the blame to Void instead.

"I didn't know a K-pop star commited suicide . I had nothing to do with that, they're not my lyrics , it's not my part of the song , It's Void's song! I'm innocent, so leave me the f*ck alone. "

Keemstar also came up with a tongue-in-cheek response to all those fans who were reportedly wishing death upon him:


Void also released an explanatory audio, in which he attempted to justify what he meant to convey through the diss track:

"When he commited suicide , a lot of y'all were blaming the over-competitiveness and the pressure of the K-Pop industry on his death . I'm clearly saying that the pressure and anxiety induced by these corporations is the reason why they commit suicide . In no way am I mocking anyone's suicide, that's ludicrous. "

However, he appeared to show no regret over his choice of lyrics, as he posted a follow-up tweet in which he referred to K-pop fans as "creeps" and stated that he would "in no way" apologize to them.

Apart from the Jonghyun reference, the diss track also contains controversial lyrics, ranging from "F*ck Jimin" to describing the K-pop fandom as an "invasive species."

The controversial reference to Jonghyun
The controversial reference to Jonghyun's suicide in the diss track (Image via Void/ YouTube)

The only person involved in making the song that came forward and urged Void to take it down was producer Andreas.


However, the flippant reactions of Void and Keemstar only ended up exacerbating the situation as the K-pop community flocked to Twitter in droves to slam the duo over their latest diss track.


Several have also signed petitions for the removal of Keemstar and Void from all platforms, especially YouTube:


As dissent continues to mount online, it looks like Keemstar and Void may have gone too far with their recent diss track.

Their recent actions have now brought them directly into confrontation with an enraged K-pop fanbase that continues to demand the immediate removal of their controversial diss track.

Published 25 Mar 2021, 17:49 IST
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