Belle Delphine divides the Internet after "promoting" inappropriate kink on Twitter

Belle Delphine has received a lot of criticism for a series of photos that she recently posted.
Belle Delphine has received a lot of criticism for a series of photos that she recently posted.

Belle Delphine appears to have gone viral on Twitter again after she posted a rather suggestive post on Twitter which appeared to promote an inappropriate “kink.”

Belle Delphine posted a series of pictures in which she dressed up as a child and appeared to promote an inappropriate kink. The pictures have since been criticized by people all over the internet, although quite a few fans have defended her as well.

In the pictures, Belle Delphine dressed as a child who had been kidnapped, and was being forced to have relations with her kidnapper. Since the post has received widespread backlash, especially because it was posted without a trigger warning, Belle Delphine tweeted out a response in which she refused to apologize.


Belle Delphine trends on Twitter (again) after posting suggestive photographs promoting inappropriate kink

Since posting the inappropriate set of pictures on Twitter, Belle Delphine came under sever criticism from all corners of the internet.

On one hand, people talked about how such content must come with trigger warnings - something Belle Delphine did not do with the posts.

While this is not the first time Belle Delphine’s brand of content has come under scrutiny, people talked about how she appears to pander to “paedophiles,” and said that fans who are defending her in this situation are in need of “psychological evaluations.”

Of course, Belle Delphine is no stranger to criticism and actually pinned the tweet on her wall since it has been picked up by so many people.

While some of Belle Delphine’s fans did defend her, most of the internet appears to be of the opinion that Belle Delphine’s latest post is nothing short of disgusting. People also talked about how she was aware that such a post is bound to attract criticism and how it would help her gain even more popularity.

Belle Delphine has since posted a tweet explaining that she will not “apologize” for the post.

As can be seen on her Twitter wall, Belle Delphine compared the argument that she was encouraging paedophilia via her post to the argument that video games promote violence, which is a common one made nowadays.

She said that just like video games do not promote violence, her posts do not promote paedophilia, and said that she is an adult who has consented to non-consenting intercourse.

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