Belle Delphine slammed for disturbing, graphic photoshoot

Belle Delphine is in the news yet again (Image via PopCrush)
Belle Delphine is in the news yet again (Image via PopCrush)

Mary-Belle "Belle Delphine" Kirschner has come under fire online after posting a series of graphic pictures on Twitter.

The South Africa-born British YouTuber recently shocked the online community after releasing pictures of herself being held captive by a masked assailant.

She can be seen with duct tape over her mouth and tied up at the back of his van, seemingly playing the role of a helpless abductee.

The disturbing images are tinged with an intense shade of sexual assault and pedophilia. Belle Delphine is known to exhibit childlike mannerisms, which are part of her controversial online persona.

Without any trigger warning of any sort, several Twitter users were left scandalized and disturbed on seeing the thread. They proceeded to call Belle Delphine out for allegedly "enabling p*dophiles."

Twitter reacts to Belle Delphine's controversial photoshoot


The 21-year old has been grabbing headlines of late, courtesy of explicit content doing the rounds, ever since she announced her foray into the adult entertainment industry.

Belle Delphine is perhaps best known for popularizing the GamerGirl "Bath Water" trend, which reportedly sold out within three days of its launch.

With a rather colorful history of past eccentricities, the internet sensation is often subjected to various memes and sardonic jibes by the online community.

However, her recent photoshoot has come in for severe criticism, as fans called her out for allegedly glorifying and attempting to recreate s*xual assault on a public platform:

Trigger warning: Tweets contain graphic, distressing material.

Another section wished they hadn't clicked on the trending page, as the lack of a graphic trigger warning left them shocked:

While most of the online community is incensed at the OnlyFans star's recent photoshoot, a few people urged fans not to "kink-shame" her. As a result, this has triggered a whole new debate surrounding appropriate fetishism online.

Over her career, Belle Delphine has certainly been no stranger to controversy. She has adopted a trademark persona that oscillates between "kawaii" and risque, which has earned her an army of "simp" fans who continue to fawn over every single post of hers.

While she has made a living by churning out edgy content all these years, it seems like her recent post may have crossed a line and invoked the ire of the online community.

From calling her out for her questionable past actions to criticizing her entire fan base, it looks like Belle Delphine's latest photoshoot has landed her in hot water.