"Best thing to come out of this WC": Bukayo Saka leaves netizens in a frenzy following TikTok Spelling School video

Saka's "Spelling School" goes viral on TikTok (image via Getty Images)

Bukayo Saka's "Spelling school" videos with England's Qatar World Cup Squad have left TikTok fans in hysterics.

Along with a great performance at the 2022 World Cup, the 21-year-old midfielder has been testing his teammates' linguistic skills in a viral TikTok series called, "Saka's Spelling School."

The videos, which have featured the likes of James Maddison, Declan Rice, and Marcus Rashford, have left fans more than amused, with many calling it the "best thing to come out of the World Cup." Here's a tweet talking about the impromptu spelling contest:

Bukayo Saka's TikTok series garners much love from netizens

Football lovers were in for a joyride when Bukayo Saka shared a series of hilarious videos on his TikTok account, @bukayosaka87, asking his peers to spell some not-so-difficult words. While most footballers were unsuccessful in spelling the words, with Saka gleefully exclaiming, "WRONG," it made for some entertaining videos during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Internet users went on to call it the "best content" that made them download TikTok" and their "favorite thing right now." Other fans wanted more videos to be posted.

Here are some of the reaction Tweets seen on the microblogging platform:

While Bukayo Saka had a great season, scoring 3 goals across three matches, England lost to France in the quarter-finals on December 09, 2022. Fans of the TikTok series were saddened not only because the team lost but also because there would be no more videos of "Saka's Spelling School."

Some wanted the series to continue while others commented on the long wait before players would gather for more videos to be released.

Here are some of the responses by netizens after knowing there would be no new episodes:

What happened on "Saka's spelling School"?

The series started when the Arsenal footballer asked his England teammate, James Maddison, to spell the word "aesthetic," but the latter was unsuccessful. The Leicester footballer spelled "A, E, S, T, E, H, I, C," which was immediately followed by Saka laughing and stating an amused "WRONG."

He then proceeded to ask Jack Grealish to spell "Rhythm," which the Manchester City player did not spell correctly. Maddison can be heard asking why Grealish got an "easy word."

The video immediately went viral with over 6.5 million views. After the clip's success, Saka tested Declan Rice's skills on episode 2 of the series. The clip starts with the 21-year-old asking Declan to spell "pronunciation" while they were eating a meal.

He started with, "P, R, O, N, O..." and messed up the spelling, prompting the younger man to say, "You're wrong," whilst everyone laughed.


The next two episodes featured Marcus Rashford and Trent Alexander-Arnold, respectively.

Rashford was asked to spell "embarrassed," whereas Trent was asked to spell "entrepreneur." Both incorrectly spelled the words, with Rushford forgetting the double R's and Trent adding an extra N in the word.

James Maddison too joined in on the fun after seeing the series become a hit when he started making his own TikTok videos.

His first victim was Bukayo Saka, who was asked to spell "nauseous." In the video, Maddison can be heard saying:

"We all know you can stick it in the back of the net, but what the fans really want to know is can you spell nauseous.”

It's safe to say Bukayo Saka beat the challenge with his teammates cheering him on for the correct answer. His next target was Mason Mount who was unsuccessful in spelling "occasionally."

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