BLACKPINK Jennie flaunts her new 'Human Chanel' look 

BLACKPINK idol Jennie (Image via Instagram/@jennierubyjane)
BLACKPINK idol Jennie (Image via Instagram/@jennierubyjane)

BLACKPINK's Jennie, also known as the "Human Chanel", dropped pictures of her new outfit on social media. The tag "Human Chanel" originates from when the singer made her debut, as she was frequently photographed in different Chanel apparel and accessories.

On January 27, 2022, Jennie updated her Instagram feed by posing for the camera in her new Chanel outfits and accessories. She wore a black and white zebra-like striped jacket and paired it with a pair of semi-wide pants. Adding even more chic, she matched her luxurious fluffy jacket with a Chanel chain sling bag and slip-on shoes.

BLACKPINK Jennie's Chanel ensemble

As on the Chanel website, the jacket and bag that Jennie fashionably carried off cost 6 million won (about $4,990 USD) and 9 million won (about 7,490 USD) respectively. Her comfy, black slip-on shoes were from luxury brand Vivienne Westwood, which costs around 300,000 won (about 250 USD).

In the pictures that followed, Jennie embodied her true fashionista vibe. She wore a white long sleeved top and a cashmere-cotton dress with Chanel's brand logo embroidered on the outer layer. Additionally, the straps had the brand’s iconic logo embellished on them.

Chanel officially announced Jennie as their global brand ambassador in March 2019 and their dynamic collaboration has been growing ever since. As of 2021, the K-pop sensation is the new face of the Coco Crush jewelry line.

Affectionately nicknamed "Coco Jennie" owing to her dedication to wearing the double Cs, the singer continues to carry off every new look which matches Virginie Viard’s own youthful take on the Chanel codes.

BLACKPINK Jennie: The sold out queen

Fans recognize Jennie as a true fashion queen with jaw-dropping vocals and rapping skills. She is known to switch from comfy clothing to glamorous outfits and fans try to keep up with her fashion trends. The K-pop singer unknowingly sells out most of her clothes and accessories.

On January 12, 2022, Jennie posted multiple pictures of herself carrying a white quilted bag, which she seemed to adore, on her Paris trip. Soon enough, fans stormed the fashion brand's website and the off-white quilted bag sold out, for triple the price, within minutes.

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