Shinigami Eyes: Grimes teases music video with BLACKPINK's Jennie, sends fans into a frenzy

Blackpink's Jennie X Grimes for MV Shinigami Eyes (Images via singer's Instagram)
Blackpink's Jennie X Grimes for MV Shinigami Eyes (Images via singer's Instagram)

BLACKPINK'S Jennie appeared in Canadian musician Grimes' latest music video teaser, which came as a surprise to BLACKPINK as well as Grimes fans.

The full video is set to arrive on January 26, 2020. Earlier in July 2021, Jennie and Grimes had posted photos of the two posing in front of a rocket which made fans really happy - the post was trending all over the internet.

On January 25, Jennie and Grimes surprised their fans with a new teaser.

Blackpink’s Jennie X Grimes in the MV Shinigami Eyes

The music video and song Shinigami Eyes is a reference from the popular Japanese manga and anime series Death Note.

On January 25, Grimes shared a 23-second clip from a video for Shinigami Eyes, and it’s already getting a lot of praise from fans.

Considering that it’s not mentioned what Jennie’s role in the video is, it will be a surprise for everyone. Back in July 2021, fans were already expecting their collaboration when both singers posted a picture together in front of SpaceX rocket on their social media accounts. Finally, fans' requests are fulfilled with an amazing teaser. Here's how fans reacted to the teaser -

#JENNIE will appear in the new Grimes music video. OMG @BLACKPINK
SHINIGAMI EYES @Grimes and JennieOmg omg I can't breath.....
"SHINIGAMI EYES" Catchy and Alien Concept with Spectacular Fashion and Novelty sense, is what I'm getting from this. @Grimezsz #JENNIE #ShinigamiEyes
Grimes praised Jennie’s talents via Instagram, she replied to a fan’s comment and said she has “never seen such a pure talent on set"

Grimes also tagged Jennie in an Instagram post in which she was expressing her gratitude to everyone who worked on the video.

Grimes added, “We did a very ambitious video basically doing a bunch of stuff no ones ever done before and therefore the editing process has been extremely fraught but we’re getting there – it’s just literally new technology being used in an untested context so trial/error,”.

Shinigami Eyes which came after Player of Games, which was released in December 2021. The video for Shinigami Eyes will arrive on Wednesday at noon ET. Watch the official trailer now.


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