BLACKPINK's Jennie stuns in Calvin Klein on Dazed Korea’s 2021 Holiday Edition

The star has collaborated with Calvin Klein several times in the past, and is their brand ambassador. (Image via Dazed Korea)
The star has collaborated with Calvin Klein several times in the past, and is their brand ambassador. (Image via Dazed Korea)

From LA to Paris, BLACKPINK’s Jennie is dominating the world, one outfit at a time. The star’s latest appearance on Dazed Korea, dressed in Calvin Klein has left fans gasping for breath.

The BLACKPINK rapper and singer has collaborated with Calvin Klein several times over the years, and thus it comes as no surprise that she chose the brand for this shoot.

BLACKPINK's Jennie was on Dazed Korea’s 2021 Holiday Edition

The BLACKPINK member appeared in the magazine Dazed Korea’s 2021 Holiday Edition. The star featured in not one but eight of their covers, with the magazine containing over 46 images of Jennie. As Calvin Klein’s brand ambassador, Jennie was dressed in the brand’s outfit from head to toe.

The images, photographed by Peter Ash Lee, captured the idol’s ethereal beauty perfectly. Jennie was dressed in a variety of outfits for the photoshoot, from Calvin Klein lingerie to a plain white t-shirt. Regardless of the outfit changes, the only thing that remained constant were the star's modelesque physique and otherworldly good-looks.

Blackpink üyesi Jennie x CALVİN KLEIN x DAZED KOREA (B)#allkpopçekimler

It appears that Jennie’s charm has bewitched even the director of Dazed Korea. Guiom Lee had nothing but high praise for the BLACKPINK member. For him, this edition of the magazine was an

“Irreplaceable record of Jennie’s intellect, instinct and hard work.”

That is not all. Guiom Lee even hinted at there being a short film in the works, containing footage from the shoot.

The recent photoshoot has found approval across the globe. While BLINKS and Jennie stans obviously can’t stop gushing over the star’s stunning images, it appears that even supermodel Bella Hadid is a fan.

Bella Hadid liked Jennie's instagram post
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The breathtaking Jennie of BLACKPINK sporting Calvin Klein for the Holiday edition of Dazed Korea.

This isn't the first time her Calvin Klein photoshoots have made headlines. Jennie and Calvin Klein’s 2021 Fall Campaign has seen the star go viral.

Jennie is as well known for her fashion career as she is for her music career. The idol has been a model for Chanel Korea Beauty, and has done several photoshoots, both in Seoul and internationally, for years. The Solo singer has also been the Global Ambassador for Chanel since 2018, along with Big Bang’s G-Dragon and recently represented the luxury brand at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week.

Meanwhile, Jennie has been taking LA by storm, along with her bestie, Squid Game’s Hoyeon Jung. While BTS’ V may not be following her any more, the rest of the world surely is, with everyone watching out for Jennie Kim’s next project, preferably as a part of BLACKPINK.

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