BLACKPINK Jisoo gets her spot on YG Stage, fans wonder if Snowdrop’s release is closer

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BLACKPINK visit King Offices in Stockholm to Try Out New Candy Crush Friends Saga Hungry Yeti AR Feature

BLACKPINK's Jisoo began trending on Twitter after her first official photoshoot as an actor was released. YG Stage released the video on their YouTube channel, in which Jisoo posed for the shutterbugs with ease and comfort.

The video comes just weeks before the release of her debut Korean drama Snowdrop. Fans took to Twitter to express how happy and proud they are of how far Jisoo has come.

The fans used hashtag #JISOOinYgStage and repeated "ACTRESS JISOO REVEALED". There is a lot of buzz surrounding Jisoo's debut show. Snowdrop stars Jung Hae-in in a lead role opposite Jisoo.

YG Stage's official website and other forums used pictures from this photoshoot to create actor Jisoo's profile. A few fans noticed that Actor Jisoo got a thumbnail much faster than idol Jisoo when she debuted.

The level of interest in Jisoo's upcoming drama is so high that her actor profile on Weibo reportedly has over 77 million reads. There are also multiple ongoing discussions regarding Jisoo's impending debut.


Did Jisoo audition to be an actor at YG?

Many fans shared a video of Jisoo's first audition for acting years ago. They used the clip to show how far their favorite BLACKPINK idol Jisoo had come in pursuing her passion.

Is the release of Snowdrop starring Jisoo very near?

Now that Jisoo's actor profile was up on YG Stage, fans also speculated that the release of her show might be near. Snowdrop's release was a matter of controversy. The show received backlash for allegedly distorting the country's history.

It was a misunderstanding caused by the incomplete plot details that were available. The production house responded with a clarification.

Why was Jisoo starrer Snowdrop embroiled in controversy?

Snowdrop's release was planned for the second half of 2021 by JTBC. The show, set in Seoul in 1987, came under the scanner due to the names of its characters. In it, Jung hae-in plays a man who is a spy from the motherland. He lives under the guise of a student Soo Ho and meets the Jisoo character.

The term motherland and the name of Jisoo's character -- Young Cho -- is what put the show in trouble. The plot also indicated that the second male lead, a part of the Agency for National Security Planning (NSP), was straightforward and just.

The audience felt that the problem with this portrayal lay in the fact that the 1987 Democratic Movement led by students is key to the country's Republic today. The NSP was part of the authoritarian regime at the time. The conflict was clear from the plot available.

JTBC's statement about Jisoo's character and Snowdrop

JTBC released a detailed statement clarifying its stance regarding the show. The company stated,

Snowdrop is not a drama that disparages the pro-democracy movement or glamorizes being a spy or working for the NSP.

They further added,

We received all sorts of criticism after certain sentences were taken out of context from parts of an incomplete synopsis that were leaked online, but all of this was based on mere speculation.

JTBC also reiterated,

We firmly reiterate that the accusations going around about “Snowdrop” are unrelated to the drama’s actual content or the production’s staff’s intentions. We ask that you refrain from reckless speculation about a drama that has not even been revealed.

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