BLACKPINK Lisa visits Thailand after three years

BLACKPINK Lisa, Image via Harper Bazaar
BLACKPINK Lisa, Image via Harper Bazaar

Thai BLINKs rejoice! BLACKPINK Lisa has finally landed in Thailand for a vacation and to celebrate her birthday.

The maknae finally returned to her home country after three years. Fans and netizens are overjoyed that BLACKPINK's Lisa reached home just in time to celebrate her birthday with her family and friends.

BLACKPINK Lisa recently traveled to Italy and France for her promotional activities related to CELINE and BVLGARI. Since the start of her solo career, she has been traveling all across the globe to meet her many obligations and commitments.

With her rising star status, jam-packed schedule, and an ongoing pandemic, BLACKPINK Lisa did not have time to visit her home town. Her homecoming created a frenzy amongst BLINKs, especially in Thailand.

Netizens react to BLACKPINK Lisa homecoming!

Netizens and BLINKs admire the BLACKPINK maknae for her relentless dedication and hardworking nature. Lisa has always put her career first, even during an ongoing pandemic.

So fans are happy to see their favorite idol finally take a break, kick back and relax with her family, friends and other loved ones.

Netizens and fans shared videos and clips of the young star as she landed in Thailand's airport.

Fans kept the world updated by posting pictures of the young star enjoying her time in her home country.

Another fan expressed that airports should be on lockdown so that the young star won't be able to return to South Korea.

Lisa's homecoming continues to generate a lot of internet frenzy amongst fans.

BLACKPINK's Lisa as brand ambassador for international luxury brands

Lisa has shone quite the spotlight on Thailand. Not only has she bought a lot of attention by being part of the world's largest K-pop group, BLACKPINK, but over the past few years, Lisa has become the face of luxury brands like Celine and Chivas!

Her recent campaign with Chivas generated a lot of positive reactions over the internet. However, the campaign was recently flagged in Thailand due to the laws of the country. Despite this, she still garners support throughout the globe.

Fans hope she has a great time being back home to spend time with her loved ones, especially on her special day.

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