BLACKPINK Lisa's 'LALISA' praised by Thailand's Prime Minister 

BLACKPINK's Lisa (Image via Instagram/@lalalalisa_m)
BLACKPINK's Lisa (Image via Instagram/@lalalalisa_m)

BLACKPINK's Thai rapper Lisa was recently praised by Thailand's Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. The rapper, maknae, and 'Dance Machine' of BLACKPINK, Lisa released her solo debut LALISA on September 10 this year.

LALISA smashed records left, right and center with the power of BLINKs. The rapper had asked her music producer and music video director to include Thai elements, because she wanted to show her Thai inheritance in all its glory.

Thailand's Prime Minister praises BLACKPINK's Lisa for her solo debut success

With the infusion of her Thai inheritance, BLACKPINK's Lisa made her solo debut to reflect her personality and be unique.

From a dance-move reference to Thousand Hands Guan Yin dance (a Buddhist legend), to a traditional gold Thai mongkut or chada headpiece, as well as a modernized Thai attire and more, Lisa made sure LALISA screamed Thai culture.

According to Bangkok Post's September 14 report, spokesperson Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana shared that Prime Minister Prayut is ready to promote "soft power to increase the value in the creative economy," especially after Lisa's incredible solo debut success.

Thanakorn also said:

"Gen Prayut [Prime Minister Prayut] admires success of Thai artists including individuals whose works reflect their dedication and determination to inspire many Thais in creative industries in arts, music and films."

'Soft power' in politics refers to attracting and shaping others' preferences about a certain country or organization, through appealing values - such as the Hallyu Wave that spread globally, leading to an increased GDP of South Korea.

As per the report, the Prime Minister is confident that Thailand's craftsmanship, traditions, and fashion will see a boost soon with their own unique taste.

Thanakorn also shared that the Thai market's soft power has already begun spreading. Before the pandemic, the government was already promoting a creative economy - crafts, music, performing arts, advertising, design, food, fashion, and more.

The Thai government's confidence in Lisa's LALISA, and other Thai artists showcasing their roots in the culture will tie into their latest goal of boosting the creative economy. They are also hoping to expand other "potential cultural exports," such as Thai videos and films, Muay Thai boxing, fashion, food, and traditional community lifestyles.

Lisa was born in 1997 and raised as Lalisa Manoban in Buriram, Thailand. She moved to South Korea in 2011 to pursue her dream of being a K-pop idol, admiring BigBang and 2NE1. She later debuted in 2016 with BLACKPINK.

Edited by R. Elahi