BLACKPINK members' best hairstyles since debut

BLACKPINK are best known for their talent, skill, and their fashionista styling (Image via YG Entertainment)
BLACKPINK are best known for their talent, skill, and their fashionista styling (Image via YG Entertainment)

BLACKPINK are a big hit not only in the K-POP industry but internationally as well. They've been praised for being a group that carries the whole package - talent, skill, and visuals.

Many of their looks have been termed iconic, to say the least. Many fans (and non-fans) are able to point out a certain performance or comeback era just from the color of their hair or from looking at a part of their outfit.

For the purpose of this list, we've compiled the best hairstyles for each BLACKPINK member, since their debut in 2016.

Disclaimer: This list is not definitive by any means and is purely based on the author's opinions. It is also unranked and numbered for the organization.

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Best hairstyles of every BLACKPINK member

1. Jisoo - As If It's Your Last

While the eldest BLACKPINK member tends to go for natural colors (such as her usual black or brown) most of the time, she sported a trendy purple-gradient for the K-POP group's release "As If It's Your Last". The color fits her like a glove and fans hope to see Jisoo try out more hair colors in the future.

2. Jennie - How You Like That

A list featuring iconic BLACKPINK hairstyles cannot go without including Jennie's hair during the K-POP group's "How You Like That" era. The 25-year-old sported a bleached blonde front while leaving the rest of her hair black. This inspired a series of influencers and make-up artists to attempt the same look.

3. Lisa - LILI's FILM #3

While this isn't an official BLACKPINK comeback per-se, Lisa's hair for the 3rd installment of her solo dance project "LILI's FILM" is too good not to mention. The simple, black and wavy hair ties in to the whole minimalistic but chique look she sported for the performance.

4. Rosé - Lovesick Girls

Rosé's pink hair may have been short-lived, but it continues to live on for eternity in the minds of BLINKs. She debuted it during their release "Lovesick Girls" released on the 2 October 2020. Her stylists gave her a straightened hair look with a wavy front.

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