BLACKPINK's Lisa spotted hanging out with Austin Butler and Peter Utz in Paris, sends fans into a frenzy 

Lisa, Austin and Peter enjoyed their time together in Paris (Image via @alalalisa_m/Instagram)
Lisa, Austin and Peter enjoyed their time together in Paris (Image via @alalalisa_m/Instagram)

BLACKPINK’s Lisa might be relaxing at her home in Thailand presently, but photos from her recent Paris trip have been doing the rounds on various social media platforms. In the pictures, Lisa can be seen enjoying her time with fashion brand CELINE’s director Peter Utz and American actor Austin Butler.

While it's normal to have celebrity friends if one is in the entertainment industry, seeing this new trio wandering the streets of Paris was quite unexpected and stirred up quite a bit of fan interest.

BLACKPINK's Lisa enjoys her time in Paris with her two new celebrity friends

On March 25, 2022, various social media platforms began trending with the hashtag #LISA and were filled with pictures of K-pop singer Lisa hanging out in Paris with actor Austin Butler and CELINE’s director of couture and events Peter Utz.

As a global ambassador for CELINE, Lisa was seen with Peter Utz and Austin Butler enjoying their time together as they grabbed snacks and refreshments and walked the streets of Paris.

Austin Butler has also been linked to the fashion brand as his girlfriend, supermodel Kaia Gerber, is a muse for the brand. Austin was styled in a blue denim outfit from head to toe and paired with classic brown leather boots.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK's Lisa wore a chic and comfortable street style outfit with wide flared denim jeans, a checkered shirt and a white T-shirt on the inside. She paired her outfit with classic white slip-on shoes. Peter Utz styled himself in black jeans, ankle-high classic Converse sneakers, and a CELINE multi-colored jacket.

Fans react to trio's fun hangout pictures

Upon seeing the pictures, fans were surprised to see the trio hanging around together. Some of them had never expected the three celebrities to socialize, but they also realized that since all three global stars were connected to the fashion brand, they were bound to meet some day.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s Lisa continues to soar high and break records with her solo album LALISA. In a recent update, the K-pop superstar's solo debut album crossed 573 million streams on Spotify. Lisa’s two-track album became the most-streamed album by a K-pop act in Spotify’s history.

Her new achievement broke the record which was previously held by her own group’s debut album. Lisa achieved this new milestone 176 days after the release of LALISA in September 2021.

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