BLACKPINK's Lisa: 5 lesser-known facts about the Thai rapper

Global K-pop star BLACKPINK's Lisa (Image via Harper's Bazaar)
Global K-pop star BLACKPINK's Lisa (Image via Harper's Bazaar)

BLACKPINK's Lisa is a Thai rapper, singer, and dancer from South Korea. Her single MONEY, which has exceeded 400 million streaming times on Spotify, has risen to prominence to break another record of four of her songs, accomplishing as high as 400 million streams.

BLACKPINK's Lisa has become a role model for many who want to pursue their dreams. She was the first Thai K-pop trainee at YG Entertainment, and since her debut, she has made a name for herself not only in Korea but also around the world, topping global charts with both her solo and group songs.

BLACKPINK's Lisa is also well-known for her rapping and dancing abilities. We've compiled a list of some of the lesser-known facts about BLACKPINK's Lisa.

5 lesser-known facts about BLACKPINK's Lisa

5) One of Lisa's dream is to open a Thai restaurant in Korea

BLACKPINK's Lisa, who is originally from Thailand, is a fan of Thai cuisine. She has previously expressed her fondness for the region's food culture.

She once said during a radio interview that she was disappointed to discover that people are unaware of how delicious Thai rice noodles are and hence, she dreamed of opening a Thai rice noodle restaurant in Korea one day. Lisa clearly enjoys Thai food, as evidenced by this.

4) Lisa radiates a distinct vibe on stage

On and off the stage, BLACKPINK's Lisa is said to be the most diverse member. People in Lisa's close surroundings describe her as strong and ferocious on stage, but sweet and adorable in real life, which explains the various Aegyo she can perform and is praised by fans for it.

Aegyo is an adorable show of affection in the Korean language that is mostly conveyed through cute tones, variations in speaking, facial gestures, or expressions. Aegyo directly means acting in a playful way, and it's something that both male and female K-pop idols are expected to perform.

3) Lisa enjoys wearing make-up

Lisa is a huge fan of makeup. Lisa has the most beauty products out of all the BLACKPINK members, and, according to Rosé, Lisa can shop for cosmetics all day. Showcasing her grace and being a worldwide celebrity, Lisa has also received endorsement deals from major beauty brands.

Lisa was also named M.A.C. Cosmetics' Global Brand Ambassador for 2020. Lisa, who was the first female K-pop idol to receive the honor, expressed her delight in the partnership through an interview. She said,

"I have always been a big fan of M·A·C and I like how the brand turns makeup into a form of self-expression that always gives me great confidence on stage.”

She entered with major stars on the list, including Chinese artist Lay Zhang of K-pop boy band EXO, international pop stars Rosalia, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and RuPaul as M.A.C. Cosmetics Ambassadors.

2) Lisa's favorite food has been the same since she was a child

Lisa has previously expressed her preference for certain foods. Lisa stated that she has always enjoyed french fries and it's her favorite food of all time. She mentioned that her favorite food has remained the same since she was a child.

1) Lisa was the top K-pop trainee in her class

Lisa was a K-pop trainee at YG Entertainment for five years after passing the auditions in 2010. Lisa used to be at the top of her class in almost everything she did in training.

Lisa is brilliant and extremely persevering, as is evidenced by her selection over 4000 applicants and her consistent ranking at the top of her class. This also demonstrates how she has been applauded for being one of the finest mentors for K-pop trainees.

Furthermore, Lisa's song MONEY is from her solo album Lalisa. It has found great success on the national and international charts, ranking 93rd on Billboard's primary single chart Hot 100. The song has a catchy chorus and a hip-hop tone that has caught the attention of millions of fans.

The track's choreography video is about to reach 500 million views on YouTube. With this, the MONEY singer has proven that her music, whether in a group or solo, will always reach the hearts of the audience, and her talents will forever be admired by her fans.

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