BLACKPINK Lisa creates Spotify history as 'MONEY' becomes the most streamed song by a K-Pop soloist

Global K-Pop star BLACKPINK'S Lisa (Image via Instagram/lalalalisa_m)
Global K-Pop star BLACKPINK'S Lisa (Image via Instagram/lalalalisa_m)

BLACKPINK Lisa sets a new record of being the first K-Pop soloist to have the most-streamed single on Spotify with MONEY.

Lalisa Manobal, also known by the stage name Lisa, is a Thai rapper, singer, and dancer based in South Korea. She is a member of the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK formed by YG Entertainment. Lisa made her solo debut with her album LALISA in September 2021.

BLACKPINK Lisa creates history on Spotify

On January 9, BLACKPINK Lisa's MONEY, the B-side song from her debut solo album LALISA, had reached a notable number of sales in the United States and had sold more than 500,000 units. It is the only song by a female K-pop soloist released in 2021 to obtain these numbers.

This also made her the second female Korean solo artist to attain this milestone. The first female K-pop soloist to sell over 500,000 units in the US was BLACKPINK Jennie with her solo debut song SOLO.

Despite being a B-side, BLACKPINK Lisa's MONEY has been receiving great love from fans around the world since its release last September. There was also a challenge introduced called the #moneychallenge which is still trending worldwide on various social media platforms.

MONEY was officially released on November 9, 2021, and it took only 141 days to achieve a new milestone on the music streaming app. After it surpassed 351 million streams, Lisa's MONEY has now become the most-streamed K-pop solo song on Spotify in history. It has also become the most-streamed K-pop debut of all time.

Previously, it also claimed the titles of 'fastest K-pop debut song to hit 10 million streams,' 'sixth most-streamed K-pop female song' and 'fifteenth most-streamed K-pop song' on Spotify.

So far, MONEY is the most-streamed K-pop song on Spotify in 2022, with over 44 million streams as of January 29. It is also currently the most-watched video by a K-pop artist on YouTube, with more than 50 million views.

Additionally, BLACKPINK Lisa recently became the fastest K-pop soloist in history to reach 600 million total streams on Spotify across all credits (three songs). She obtained this feat in just 139 days.

Apart from breaking a new record on Spotify, BLACKPINK Lisa's MONEY is also attaining a new milestone on Shazam. Lisa's MONEY secured the title of the most-shazamed song by a female K-pop artist on January 27 after it surpassed 2.48 million shazams, dethroning BLACKPINK's How You Like That.

#LISA 'MONEY' is now the most shazamed K-pop Female song in history, surpassing @BLACKPINK'S 'How You Like That'.

Meanwhile, MONEY topped Jennie's SOLO as the most-shazamed song by a female K-pop soloist on December 3. At the time, MONEY surpassed two million shazams, while SOLO had one million shazams.

To date, BLACKPINK Lisa's song MONEY is the second most-shazamed song by a K-pop solo artist, following PSY's Gangnam Style which has 6.5 million shazams. Furthermore, MONEY is currently the most-shazamed K-pop song by a female artist released in 2021. It is also the sixth most-shazamed K-pop song, bested only by BTS' Fake Love with 2.6 million shazams so far.

For those who don't know, Shazam is an application that can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows based on a short sample played and using the microphone on a mobile device.

MONEY has been setting new records on Spotify when it comes to hitting certain numbers of streams in the shortest period. It was the fastest song to reach 100 million, 200 million, and 300 million streams as well. Additionally, MONEY made Lisa the first female K-pop soloist to enter Billboard's Pop Airplay Chart.

On, January 26, MONEY released by Lisa ranked No. 71 on the "Billboard Global 200" chart and stayed on for 19 weeks, according to the latest chart on January 25.

Billboard Global 200 ranks it as the top song based on streaming and sales from more than 200 countries around the world:

TOP 38 B-SIDES SONGS 2021AUG-NOVJAN 27#1 #LISA "MONEY" (+1,438,882)#2 #SMTOWN "ZOO" (+469,784)#3 #ENHYPEN "GBORGH" (+162,724)#4 #STRAYKIDS "RL" (+156,367)#5 #SOMI "ANYMORE" (+128,270)#ATEEZ #AESPA #ITZY #TXT #REDVELVET #NCT127 #SEVENTEEN

Previously, Blackpink’s worldwide smash How You Like That stayed on Billboard Global 200 for 34 weeks, an incredible accomplishment for any release by a K-pop act. The first taste of the girl group’s debut full-length The Album was a very early hit on the tally. It is also the longest-running win among female acts in the K-pop space.

Fans have praised Lisa for her hard work and for always giving her best performance. Here’s how fans reacted on Twitter to the achievement of K-Pop idol:

Money by LISA has surpassed 2.5 million shazams & it's the first song ever by a kpop female Artist in history to do so !!!💛💛💛
#LISA ‘s “MONEY” song surpassed Jennie’s “SOLO” song in just 141 days and become The Most Streamed Kpop Female song in Spotify history.Congratulations LALISA!🌟
The ultimate record breaker and maker songs #LISA#LALISA #MONEY

With this huge hit, it is needless to mention that anything is possible for the singer and rapper, who has shown that she will be successful on a global stage, either with the band that made her a star or entirely on her own. Lisa has achieved one more milestone with MONEY and fans couldn't be any happier.

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