YG Entertainment announces legal action against severe accounts of malicious rumors and defamation of its actors

YG Entertainment logo (Image via Wikimedia Commons)
YG Entertainment logo (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

YG Entertainment made an important announcement on October 14 that they would take strict legal action against anyone who spread false rumors about their artists. They started the statement with: "First, we would like to sincerely thank all fans who cheer on our YG Entertainment artists."

In the statement, they explained that the reason they had put all the rumors and malicious comments aside was because they believed that they had to put up with it as individuals who are at the center of attention. However, the agency has now decided to take strict legal action against extreme cases of harassment.

Statement from YG Entertainment about legal action against malicious commenters

YG Entertainment said, "Until now, YG Entertainment has felt that as individuals who are at the center of public attention and affection, it was necessary for our label artists to bear with certain degrees of criticism or slander, which is why the label has refrained from legal action."

The label explained that the intensity of attacks on their artists had increased manifold recently. They said, "However, the amount of malicious rumors, personal attacks, mockery, sexual harassment, and infringement of privacy has surged without discretion, and we now feel the weight of responsibility in that it is difficult to continue observing the reality without speaking up."

The content that YG Entertainment have paid close attention to were the ones reported by fans. The statement added, "Thus, the agency began monitoring various content reported by fans which infringes on our artists' rights since early this year, and we felt the need to thoroughly investigate cases in which the degree of infringement was severe."

The statement also added,

Now, we would like to notify that those who persistently and maliciously spread false rumors regarding our artists will soon be notified of criminal lawsuits and investigation for defamation of character, slander, and interference of business. Furthermore, YG Entertainment plans on pursuing strict legal action in any future cases in which our artists are severely defamed and damaged.

In a statement, YG Entertainment also expressed that fans have been of great help. They said: "The reports sent in by fans are a great help, and so we would like to extend our gratitude. The agency is closely monitoring the content reported by fans closely, and we request that you continue to actively send us reports if you see malicious activity against our artists. YG Entertainment will become an agency which puts in tireless effort in order to protect all label artists."

The most recent rumor about a YG Entertainment artist was when Jisoo was alleged to be dating the Korean football star Son Heung-min. The agency released a statement claiming that the rumors and speculation by fans and others online were untrue. They also implored fans to stop spreading false news about their artists to ensure that neither Jisoo nor Son Heung-min face a negative impact. This is because dating scandals have the means to end the careers of even the most promising artists.

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