“Disband BLACKPINK”: Stans of Jennie's solo work upset after Lisa’s collab with DJ Snake, Ozuna, and Meghan Thee Stallion announced

A still of BLACKPINK members Rose, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa (Image via BLACKPINK/Instagram)
A still of BLACKPINK members Rose, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa (Image via BLACKPINK/Instagram)

BLACKPINK's Lisa's collaboration with DJ Snake is scheduled to be released soon. The song will feature Lisa, DJ Snake, Ozuna, and Megan Thee Stallion. The teaser for the project was posted on DJ Snake and Ozuna's Instagram. Captioning the teaser, DJ Snake said, "Coming Soon." Ozuna also hinted at this collaboration once at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

While fans of Lisa are happy, Rose and Jennie's fans angrily trended #blackpinkdisband.

Why fans of BLACKPINK members Rose and Jennie are upset

As news of Lisa's upcoming collaboration was released, fans of Rose and Jennie stormed Twitter to vent their frustrations. These stans are ardent followers of the solo performers. They seem upset about Lisa's solo having big names such as Meghan Thee Stallion, Ozuna, and DJ Snake.

at this point they don't work as 4 anymore, the best to the girls is the disband, why they still together? 2023 year is the end of the contract, is so long, they don't do music together anymore, they don't do covers, they don't post each other, let them be free #blackpinkdisband
there's no point to continue as a group fr #blackpinkdisband
It's Jennie time to shine, she's been held down for too long #blackpinkdisband
So for blinks Jennie attending PFW is enough for her -since 2018- and its equal to acting debut, being mentor and releasing 3 songs in a year? Smells like hypocrisy. #blackpinkdisband #JENNIE #제니…
This woman right here can easily gain success both internationally and locally if she will have a full SOLO album,, when i say full album, i meant FULL ALBUM! (an album with 8 to 10 tracks).#blackpinkdisband #FREEJENNIE
rosé leave blackpink but when she had all these variety shows (that she deserved) during her promotions and after, it was okay but now lisa has one song collab whilst having hardly anything AT ALL during her SOLO, it's an issue?? read the room akgaes tf #blackpinkdisband
Weren´t you all 3 days ago # for your bias, during J´s only event on the year? Ah, right! Selective amnesia striking when convinient, the twisting narratives & victimization to make the world believe your girl is hated & mistreated by everyone.#FREEJENNIE #blackpinkdisband…
The only fandom that hates the members of their own fave's group. I can't #blackpinkdisband
THIS FANDOM IS REALLY SOMETHING #blackpinkdisband is trending just because lisa is having a collab and solo stan is are jealous bacause thier bias is not their😂yes blackpink member can shine on their own but as a "BLINK"you should support them, not as solo stan but GROUP STAN

Jennie and Rose, artists who made their solo debut much before Lisa, are yet to announce any collaborative projects. But there has been speculation that the two stars will work with Olivia Rodrigo during their US visit. However, fans of Jeannie and Rose were not content with the speculation.

Given the furor, some fans of BLACKPINK were surprised that solo stans would air their jealousy publicly. Many were disappointed that these stans were channeling negativity towards Lisa's new project. After all, they're all members of BLACKPINK. Fans of Jennie are particularly outraged because she had no activity in 2021 except for an appearance at Paris Fashion Week.

Stans of Jennie highlighted her 2021 track and pointed out that she was being left out of the publicity. They also mentioned that Jisoo made her K-drama debut along with an appearance at Paris Fashion Week. According to them, only Jennie was left out.

Lisa's upcoming collab generates hype

The teaser did not reveal the title of the collaboration but hinted at the theme of the song. DJ Snake got into a red car at the beginning of the teaser. Its plates read "SXY GIRL."

There were four other cars in the teaser. Each plate contained the names of the four artists and the states in which they reside. California for Lisa, New York for DJ Snake, Texas for Meghan Thee Stallion, and Florida for Ozuna.

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