Blake Moynes-Katie Thurston's "cheating" rumors explained

Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston (Image via blakemoynes/Instagram)
Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston (Image via blakemoynes/Instagram)
Sushmita Sen

The Bachelorette Season 29 star Katie Thurston is currently making headlines for her newfound love in Bachelor Nation’s John Hersey. As per reports, this development has left her ex-fiance Blake Moynes shocked.

Moynes apparently felt foolish after he found out about Thurston moving on to the next relationship within a month of their breakup. He called it “emotional cheating.”

In the Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast, he recently said:

“I really don’t think there was any physical cheating there, but there [was] clearly emotional [cheating] for it to transition as quickly as it did. I feel stupid and foolish for allowing it to happen, to some degree.”

In The Bachelorette Season 29, Thurston chose Moynes, a wildlife manager, as the one. The season ended in August with Moynes proposing to her, and they got engaged. After two months, the couple called it quits.

Here’s how Blake Moynes got to know about Katie Thurston’s affair

Blake Moynes admitted in the podcast episode that he found out about Katie Thurston’s alleged affair at the same time when the rest of the world got to know about it.

He felt “cheated” because the two had split on good terms, and they had been texting each other since. Thurston should have at least given him a heads up or told him on the side before putting it out via her 12 Days of Messy series, according to Moynes.

He said:

“Just because we have had very cordial, easy conversations [since the breakup]. We haven’t had one in a while…but, you know, they’ve been very cordial and very good. So why not reach out to me and tell me that, at least, to give me a heads up?”

The Bachelorette’s act of moving on so quickly from what she had with the wildlife manager also shocked the fans. Moynes thinks that Thurston deliberately kept quiet.

He added:

"That's what I have a hard time processing because this ‘12 Days of Messy’ — I didn't sign up for, but I was attached to [it] like all the other guys. It started 12 days ago, so I am sure she knew who Day 12 was and who it was going to be and why. So when I try to think about the breakup happening when it did, roughly a month ago, she probably had an idea 12 days after that or two weeks after that who was going to be No. 12 and how she was going to announce it."

Katie Thurston deleted Blake Moynes’ photos after the announcement

Katie Thurston’s 12 Days of Messy tribute to Taylor Swift recently ended with a big romance announcement. She shared an Instagram video that proceeded to reveal the face of her new lover, John Hersey.

As soon as she dropped the video, fans were surprised. For a long time, they were speculating that something was going on between the two, but recently Katie Thurston confirmed the rumors. After the announcement, she deleted photos of all other men from The Bachelorette, including Moynes, from her Instagram.

Reports claim that Moynes and some of his family and friends have also unfollowed and blocked Katie Thurston from social media.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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