"Bring Don McMillan back": AGT fans demand the comedian’s return after he loses Top 2 spot in the qualifiers

Fans want AGT contestant Don McMillan back (Image via agt/Instagram)
Fans want AGT contestant Don McMillan back (Image via agt/Instagram)

America's Got Talent (AGT) Season 17 aired the results of the first qualifiers round in an episode that aired on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, at 8.00 pm ET on NBC. A total of 54 acts were chosen for the qualifiers, and each round will have eleven acts putting their best foot forward, out of which only 2 acts will make it to the final round of the reality television competition.

On tonight's episode of AGT, all the contestants had an equal chance of getting into the final round. Singer Drake Milligan and saxophonist Avery Dixon were the two acts selected to move into the next round. Fan favorite contestant and comedian Don McMillan missed the winning spot by placing third.

Fans were disappointed with the result and wanted the comedian to be part of the final two going into the final round. They demanded the show brings him back as a wildcard entry. One fan tweeted:

Bring Don McMillan back!!! 😭😭.@howiemandel #AGT

Fans react to AGT contestant Don McMillan missing out on Top 2


While introducing himself during the audition round in Episode 8 of AGT, Don revealed that he had quit his job as an engineer and had decided to pursue comedy full time, specializing in technical and corporate comedy. He was also a contestant on the American television show Star Search in 1993.

In Episode 8 of the competition, Don performed a stand-up comedy act using charts and Venn diagrams as props to illustrate the difference between nerds and geeks. Although Simon Cowell wasn't impressed with the audition and gave his disapproval, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum loved his performance and selected him for the next round.


For the next AGT round, using his classic charts and diagrams, the contestant performed a stand-up routine about how engineers do things better. This time, all of the judges loved his performance. Although tonight, he received enough votes to be in the Top 5 and Top 3. But he missed out on the final 2 spots.

However, fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment and demanded that he is brought back as a wildcard entry.

Please, please, please bring Don Millen back as a wild card. He's so funny and needs a break. Thanks Howie, glad you are better!! .@howiemandel #AGT
Aww, man, Don McMillan and his PowerPoint comedy are GONE. How sad.But I suppose it would be even sadder if Avery Dixon had lost. Well done to both acts! #AGT
.@howiemandel #AGT make Don McMillian a wildcard he is great
Don McMillen deserves to be back as the wild card...please??.@SimonCowell #AGT
.@howiemandel #AGT make Don McMillian a wildcard he is great
Don was so robbed. He should have made it to the finals over Drake #AGT #AmericasGotTalent
#AGT aww shame, Don nearly made it☹️
Was rooting for Don #AGT he was different and unique and his act was smart #AmericasGotTalent

A quick recap of tonight's episode of AGT Season 17

The contestants who performed in the first qualifiers, alongside others in the final round, for the final 2 spots included:

  1. Dog act Amazing Veranica & Her Incredible Friends
  2. Acrobatic group Amoukanama
  3. Singer Ava Swiss
  4. Singer Drake Milligan
  5. Comic singer Ben Lapidus
  6. Stand-up comedian Don McMillan
  7. Stand-up comedian Lace Larrabee
  8. Contortionist Oleksandr Yenivatov
  9. Singing group Players Choir
  10. Dancing duo Stefanny and Yeeremy
  11. Terry's Golden Buzzer Avery Dixon.

Only two of the eleven acts could move forward, indicating stiff competition. With a handful of spots open for the finals, host Terry Crews revealed that there was no Instant Save vote to keep one's favorite act in the competition. Judge Simon Cowell acknowledged that although they could get more acts into the semi-finals this year, the fact that only two acts could advance made him sad.

However, Terry soon announced the good news people were waiting for. A judge's wildcard will make it to the finale. Only one out of the two, Amoukanama and Lace Larrabee, can move forward. The former was announced to still be in the running, which meant that Lace was eliminated.

Later on, the AGT host announced that The Players Choir moved ahead, but Oleksandr Yenivatov was voted out. Avery Dixon also moved ahead, but Steffany and Yeeremy were out of the competition.

The subsequent two acts that were still in the running for the finale were Drake Milligan and Don McMillan, which meant Ava Swiss, Amazing Veranica & Her Incredible Friends, and Ben Lapidus were placed outside the top five and were eliminated.

We can always count on @DustinTavella to surprise us when he hits the #AGT stage!

Before announcing the final results, the stage saw last year's champion, Dustin Tavella, with some more of his magic. He was accompanied by Sofia Vergara and her Modern Family co-star Sarah Hyland. After enthralling viewers with his art of combining storytelling and magic, it was time for the Top 2 announcement.

In the final announcement of the night, Terry announced that Drake Milligan and Avery Dixon were the two acts moving to the final round, which meant that comedian Don McMillan was eliminated.

Since its premiere this season, AGT has seen several talents come into the competition. Viewers will have to tune in to see what the next four weeks hold for the rest of the acts and which ones will make it to the final round. As the competition gets tougher with each passing episode, it is up to the loyal fans to decide who will be crowned the winner of Season 17.

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