Britney Spears opens up on being a "child-robot" during conservatorship in new memoir

A still of Britney Spears (Image via Instagram/@britneyspears)
A still of Britney Spears (Image via Instagram/@britneyspears)

Britney Spears has always been a figure of much discussion in recent years, especially after her divisive conservatorship, which ended in 2021 after much controversy. Her memoir, The Woman in Me, will surely contain a lot more detail about every aspect of the singer's life, which fans desperately want to discover.

Ahead of its release on October 24, People magazine is running several excerpts from the book in which the music icon opens up about her conservatorship and acting career, among other things.

In one of the excerpts, Britney Spears does talk about her conservatorship, revealing how it stripped her of her womanhood and constantly made her feel like a child. She wrote:

"I became a robot. But not just a robot — a sort of child-robot. I had been so infantilized that I was losing pieces of what made me feel like myself....The conservatorship stripped me of my womanhood, made me into a child. I became more of an entity than a person onstage. I had always felt music in my bones and my blood; they stole that from me."

She further explained how she felt during the entire ordeal when her father kept her under conservatorship.

"There was no way to behave like an adult, since they wouldn’t treat me like an adult"- Britney Spears in her memoir, The Woman in Me

Britney Spears' life may be the subject of a lot of controversy, but nothing beats the interest fans have in the conservatorship. The matter was already a source of concern for many, but it came properly under the spotlight when Spears testified in court in June 2021 and accused her father and others of abuse.

She was already under conservatorship for over 12 years at the time. After this court hearing, her conservatorship was suspended in September 2021 and soon ended permanently.

According to sources, Britney Spears spoke in detail about this in her memoir. In fact, it consists of a large part of the book.

Expanding on how she felt, she said:

"This is what’s hard to explain, how quickly I could vacillate between being a little girl and being a teenager and being a woman, because of the way they had robbed me of my freedom....There was no way to behave like an adult, since they wouldn’t treat me like an adult, so I would regress and act like a little girl; but then my adult self would step back in — only my world didn’t allow me to be an adult."

Apart from this, Britney Spears also talked about several other things from her life, especially method acting and its difficulties during her acting career.

In another excerpt, she recalled her time during the 2002 movie Crossroads, saying:

"Some people do Method acting, but they’re usually aware of the fact that they’re doing it. But I didn’t have any separation at all. I ended up walking differently, carrying myself differently, talking differently. I was someone else for months while I filmed ‘Crossroads.’ Still to this day, I bet the girls I shot that movie with think, She’s a little…quirky. If they thought that, they were right."

The Woman in Me will be released on October 24, 2023, and is already available for pre-order.

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