"Bro got caught in 4k" - JJ McCarthy's dad's video with Michigan QB's girlfriend Katya Kuropas leaves netizens startled 

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The incident involving JJ McCarthy's father took place on December 31, 2022 (Image via Twitter/@JToussaint28)

Michigan Football quarterback JJ McCarthy's father is being trolled on social media for getting caught touching his son's girlfriend's backside during a bowl game. The incident occurred during the Wolverines' match with TCU on Saturday, December 31, 2022.

In several videos on social media, JJ McCarthy's father could be seen dragging his right hand towards the quarterback's girlfriend's derriere, which left netizens bewildered.

Happy New Year to everyone except JJ McCarthy’s Dad. #MichiganFootball

Commenting about the video, one social media user said:

@JToussaint28 @Inman16Austin Bro got caught in 4k 😭😭

ESPN's cameras captured the video as they panned towards the crowd while spectators celebrated a Michigan touchdown. It is unclear whether the QB's father's actions were done on purpose or if netizens have merely made an assumption.

Netizens divided on whether JJ McCarthy's father meant to touch his son's girlfriend's backside

Jumping with joy as JJ McCarthy's girlfriend, Kuropas, turned to hug another girl, the player's father seemed to have slid a finger along Kuropas' backside. The gesture was captured by ESPN cameras that usually pan toward the audience for their reactions.

The clip was eventually posted on social media, where it went viral. Soon enough, people couldn't stop talking about it.

J.J. McCarthy’s dad sneaking a few feels on his son’s girlfriend is wild lol #CFBPlayoff #Michigan
This is why #JJMcCarthy’s dad loves celebrating his touchdowns!

However, some people on the internet believe there was 'nothing malicious or intentional' about JJ McCarthy's dad's actions.

@JToussaint28 I don't know if he did what it looks like he did.
@TerranceHarris @JToussaint28 Doesn’t look like anything. Damn internet always making waves …..
@JToussaint28 This is a reach. I don’t see it. Nothing malicious or intentional here. He’s not even looking her way and is moving his hands/arm freely.
@JToussaint28 It’s weird how this keeps circulating. Literally nothing there. People see what they want to see I guess

Kuropas and JJ have been dating for about four years

Kuropas and JJ McCarthy have been dating for a while, as the two celebrated their fourth year together in October 2022. Sharing how they have known each other since "playpen," the QB wrote a heartwarming post on social media where he said:

"Blessed and extremely grateful for your love and pure heart. Together, forever, whatever life brings."

Kuropas is a Michigan State University student and has been an avid Wolverine fan since the very beginning. McCarthy and Katya Kuropas met in high school, as they both attended Nazareth Academy, Illinois.

At the time, McCarthy was the star quarterback for Nazareth Academy. After the QB received attractive college offers, the couple chose to attend the University of Michigan.

Their Instagram feed is full of pictures of each other, and it is quite evident that they are deeply in love. Furthermore, Kuropas has always supported her partner in his games and doesn't seem to miss a single chance to support the Wolverine QB.

More details about JJ McCarthy as the QB's dad makes his way into the headlines

Jonathan James McCarthy, an American football quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines, is a 19-year-old student who became Michigan's starting quarterback in the second season of 2022.

Rased in La Grange Park, Illinois, he was later transferred to the IMG Academy in 2020 after the pandemic, as Nazareth's football season was canceled due to COVID-19.

In his personal life, the QB likes to practice mindfulness and meditates on the field before his football games.

Neither McCarthy nor his father has responded to or addressed the recent incident that has taken social media by storm. Furthermore, JJ's girlfriend, Kuropas, has also decided to stay quiet on the matter.

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