“Leave them alone”: Song Joong-ki’s fans defend his girlfriend after reports that she allegedly has a daughter

Song Joong-ki
Song Joong-ki's girlfriend Katy Saunders is reportedly mother to a child (Image via Twitter/ @pannkpop)

Korean actor Song Joong-ki’s agency HighZium Studio recently confirmed on December 26 that he is in a relationship with a non-celebrity British woman and that they are happy together.

Shortly after the confirmation, various media portals and fans deep-dived into the Vincenzo actor’s partner’s life to find out more information about her. They soon discovered that contrary to the agency’s statement, his girlfriend is no ordinary person and is allegedly former British actress Katy Lousie Saunders.

Song jung ki may pasabog bago magtapos 2022.#SongJoongKi

It was also discovered that Saunders allegedly has a daughter who is about 10 years old.

As media continued to speculate, Song Joong-ki’s fans jumped in to defend the Reborn Rich actor and his girlfriend, requesting the media and fans to back off from speculating more about their personal lives.

@dailynaver Ppl should mind their own business. If you've had a wife/husband or have 1 kid or 11 kids,this doesn't mean you're not allow to be happy. This is why ppl don't trust public and hyde their lives. Leave them alone,let them live their love story

Song Joong-ki’s fans react to his girlfriend allegedly having a daughter from a previous relationship

Song Joong-ki's partner Katy Louise Saunders is a mix of British and Italian ancestry and apparently taught him Italian for his titular role in the hit TV show Vincenzo.

Fans unearthed old pictures of the actress sporting a baby bump on the red carpet and a few more of a little blonde girl, suspected to be her daughter from a previous marriage or relationship, the details of which are not yet known.

Song Joongki's rumored girlfriend revealed to be a mother of

The pictures drew varied reactions from fans. While some expressed their shock and wondered why the actor is dating a woman who is already a mother, others pointed out that the Vincenzo actor was previously married and is a divorcee and hence it is hypocritical and sexist to only point fingers at the woman.

Most fans defended Song Joong-ki and his partner Katy Louise Saunders and requested trollers to back off and not intrude in their personal lives and speculate stuff.

@pannchoa And he is a divorcee… so what’s the problem
@pannchoa I dont think that matters at all. And it not like he is 20 or anything . He is almost 40 and deserves a happy life .
@pannchoa Is there any problem being a mother of 2!! if song joongki likes her I doesn't matter if she is a mother of 2 or something
@pannchoa Who cares? A woman life don't stop when she have a child,she can date another man than the father of her child
@pannchoa He's dating a mature woman, why would her having children be a surprise? Just leave them alone lol
@dailynaver 6 Song Joongki articles, really? I'm bored already just looking at the title of these articles 😴
@dailynaver Poor woman I feel bad for her

Previously, an anonymous netizen claimed to have seen the actor and his British girlfriend at a gynaecologist’s clinic, leading to speculations that the latter is pregnant. When asked for confirmation, his agency simply replied by saying that they cannot confirm anything more than the fact that they are dating.

It is speculated that the duo were introduced by a mutual friend over a year ago and have been going steady ever since.

Bring a girlfriend literally on public like this knowing she’s non celebrity omg song joongki is the walking green flags, it means he’s proud of his relationship 😭🤍🤍🤍🤍

Reportedly, the Korean actor introduced his girlfriend to the cast members of his recent drama Reborn Rich while the team attended a press conference in Singapore, earlier this month. The duo have previously been spotted attending weddings and functions together.

Eagle-eyed fans also noticed that in his recent speech at the 2022 APAN Star awards, the Reborn Rich actor thanked “Katy, Nalla, Maya, and Antes.” While Nalla is his dog’s name, Maya and Antes are his partner Katy’s dogs, according to an old Facebook post.

Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend apparently convinced him to audition for a BBC show

i mean, look how happy he is 🥹🫶🏻song joong ki and his girlfriend ~

Song Joong-ki has reportedly decided to enter foreign markets, as he has auditioned for BBC's yet-to-be-announced British show. It is believed that his girlfriend, Katy Louise Saunders, convinced him to try out for a foreign show. He has reportedly been preparing for his international debut since the completion of Vincenzo.

When asked, HighZium Studio claimed that it was difficult for them to respond to these news reports at the moment and will confirm as soon as they have clarity on the topic.

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