Bryce Hall flaunts his $10 million net worth status on Twitter, gets shut down

Bryce Hall tried to rebuke haters by flexing his net worth (image via J-14)
Bryce Hall tried to rebuke haters by flexing his net worth (image via J-14)

TikTok star Bryce Hall recently got into a heated Twitter exchange over a tweet he put out. The 21-year-old TikTok star posted a tweet on how the public views TikTok stars and how that won't fly anymore.

He stated that TikTokers continue to "exceed expectations," and they'll just keep winning. What ensued was a series of tweets where people called Bryce Hall out. They "ratio'd" his original tweet while other influencers brought up incidents from his past that were less than flattering.

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Bryce Hall gets a reality check after showing off his $10 million net worth

The original tweet by Bryce Hall began with a call for people to give TikTokers the credit they deserve, saying that they "continue to exceed everyone's expectations."

Taking a jab at the statement, a Twitter user replied that "Bryce Hall has never exceeded or met their expectations."

The reply got instant traction on Twitter and "ratio'd" Bryce Hall's original tweet with 5k more likes at the time of writing.

Not one to tolerate such talk against him, Bryce Hall tried to retaliate by bringing up his net worth. He stated that if a 21-year-old with a $10 million net worth does not meet their expectations, the expectations are pretty steep.

In another response, YouTuber Loey Lane responded to the "expectations" bit of his tweet by talking about how Bryce Hall's misdemeanors have hurt other content creators in the past.

Here are some of the responses from Twitter users:

The TikTok star's earnings check did not have the intended effect. Instead, it worked as a catalyst for people to call him out.

Despite being trolled, in typical Bryce Hall fashion, the star had the final word with a sarcastic response to all the negativity.

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