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Bryce Hall pranks Dixie D'Amelio with Noah Beck cheating prank

Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall's antics recently had Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck in his crosshairs (image via Bryce Hall YouTube)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 18 Feb 2021

TikToker and YouTube personality Bryce Hall has been on a roll with pranks recently, and Dixie D'Amelio had to learn that the hard way.

The 21-year-old internet star recently pranked Dixie D'Amelio and her boyfriend Noah Beck, in a hare-brained scheme. This prank comes off the back of another, where Bryce Hall pranked the media by faking a cheating scandal close to Valentine's Day. He "leaked" images of his fake date with Loren Gray to the paparazzi.

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Bryce Hall pranks Dixie D'Amelio and her boyfriend Noah Beck

In a recent vlog titled "His girlfriend wasn't happy about this," Bryce Hall can be seen getting up to his usual shenanigans. The serial prankster had his crosshair set on Noah Beck and his girlfriend Dixie D'Amelio.

The elaborate scheme involved blindfolding Noah before hiring some "exotic dancers" and calling them to the location. Noah was completely oblivious to his surroundings, as Bryce had him blindfolded and hooked up to headphones, so as to ensure that he doesn't hear what's going on around him.

As the ladies positioned themselves around Noah, Bryce called Dixie D'Amelio on FaceTime to show her what was happening. Dixie almost immediately ended the call after seeing what was going on.


After the prank was revealed, Bryce called Dixie back to make sure everything was good between them, and no harm was done.

When Bryce Hall pranked the media earlier this week

Bryce has been making quite the name for himself as a prankster in recent times. Earlier this week, the TikTok star baited fans into thinking he was cheating on his girlfriend Addison Rae, which he later revealed to have been a prank all along.

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Published 18 Feb 2021, 21:49 IST
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