Bryce Hall slammed for impersonating public servant 

Image via Bryce Hall
Image via Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall has been called out for filming a video where he breaks the law by lying his way into the kitchen of a restaurant.

Bryce Hall broke the law in a video, and the clips are now circulating. He showed the places, the fake IDs he used to do it, and him working on items in the restaurants.

He goes through a lot of restaurants, including one that looks like a traditional restaurant, a McDonalds and one that looks like a Subway. Bryce Hall presented himself as a real safety inspector in every clip and his friend had a clip board to pretend to help.

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At one point, Bryce operated a drill on a fridge. This is not technically vandalism, as he had no intent to cause damage. This same intent is repeated when his friend, who has a clipboard, gives fake health advice.

The worst part of his actions is that he is currently awaiting sentencing for throwing house parties during COVID. He could face up to a year in jail for his actions in that case and his actions here can, and most likely will, be brought up during the trial.


Bryce is most likely trying to get a lighter sentence on his COVID trial but the other COVID violations during the trial doesn't help his case.

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Bryce Hall most likely also broke health codes on top of the law, leaving him open to lawsuits

Going into a restaurant's kitchen and being near food requires licenses. These licenses signify that someone has learned what to do and what not to do around food. Hopefully, Bryce and his friend never touched food.

Having him inside of the area where food was prepared without these licenses leaves the businesses he visited open to litigation. It also leaves Bryce open for a lawsuit from every business he visited. The court system will not find this funny, especially during COVID.

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