BTS and Coldplay’s "My Universe" to feature in Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor’s new movie Moonshot

Lana Condor, Cole Sprouse, BTS & Coldplay, Image via Wikipedia/Twitter/@bts_bighit
Lana Condor, Cole Sprouse, BTS & Coldplay, Image via Wikipedia/Twitter/@bts_bighit

BTS continues to make it big across the globe. In recent news, their hit single My Universe featuring Coldplay will feature in the upcoming movie Moonshot starring Riverdale's Cole Sprouse and To All the Boy's I Ever Loved's Lana Condor. My Universe will not only feature in the sci-fi-based rom-com but is also the movie's official OST.

You never know how the stars will align.#Moonshot is streaming exclusively on HBO Max March 31.

Moonshot narrates an inter-planet love story. In this futuristic love story, a young girl (played by Lana Condor) is all set to go to Mars to be with her long-term boyfriend until she meets a barista (played by Cole Sprouse). Love blooms between the two with twists and turns along the way, miles away from Mother Earth. The movie will premiere on March 31, 2022, on HBO Max.

ARMYs react to BTS x Coldplay song featured in Moonshot

While watching the trailer, ARMY and netizens noticed that the song, My Universe, was aptly playing in the background. Since the movie's premise is about falling in love and self-discovery in the vast, expansive universe, many netizens believe that the song is the perfect anthem as they eagerly await the release of this movie.

Istg i watched the trailer because i love Cole and Lana and cant wait to see them in one movie tgt BUT I wasn't expected they played MY UNIVERSE by @BTS_twt @coldplay as the bgm, 10/10 for just that omg. Btw the plot is kinda cool, check it out #Moonshot

Netizens and fans were pleasantly surprised to hear their favorite band's tune play in the trailer's backdrop and shared their excitement on social media.

Just saw the trailer of #moonshot and let me say #BTS gave me another suprise as #myuniverse was playing in the background.

They continue to spread the word and celebrate the small and large achievements of their favorite boy band.

Coldplay x BTS’s hit song #MyUniverse features in the new trailer for HBO’s #Moonshot series 🪐…

Providing OSTs is nothing new for South Korean pop artists. It's common for K-pop artists to contribute songs for various dramas and BTS band members are no different.

Some members have created memorable OSTs for popular Korean dramas like Our Beloved Summer and Jirisan. In fact, some of their OSTs have smashed billboards and various other international records. Apart from OSTs, the band's songs continue to feature in various dramas.

But scoring a Hollywood OST is a first for the band. Netizens and fans are excited to see how things will turn out.

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