BTS Jimin's birthday celebrations get grander: Exclusive flower garden bubble machine, 3D ads, and more

BTS' Jimin black swan photo sketch (Image via Facebook/@BTS (방탄소년단))
BTS' Jimin black swan photo sketch (Image via Facebook/@BTS (방탄소년단))
Afreen Khan

ARMY fanbases are gearing up to celebrate BTS Jimin’s birthday more lavishly than ever before. A Chinese Jimin fanbase customized an entire wall to a birthday-themed flower garden with a bubble machine. Other projects include a projection show at Busan Tower and a 3D birthday project ad in the U.S. and Japan.

The Filter singer will turn 26 (in international age) on October 13, and worldwide ARMYs are leaving no stone unturned to showcase their love for him.

BTS Jimin’s grand birthday projects in Ukraine, South Korea and Japan will surprise fans

BTS' talented vocalist Jimin will be ringing in his 27th birthday (in Korean age) on October 13. Preparations for his birthday are rising with multiple fanbase organizing projects, customizing never-seen-before artworks and more.

JIMINBAR_CHINA, the Chinese fansite that Weibo banned last month, has organized an out-of-the-box project. They have installed a magnificent customized bubble machine on the opposite side of the HYBE building.

Sunset and flowers draw romance together, you are the love we hide in our heart. All the waiting is for a better reunion, we want to show you all the beauty, so we built a garden for Jimin. With Serendipity and Flower as the theme.

It's a flower garden castle wall with the stars, moons and clouds aligned. It is also based on the theme of his solo song, Serendipity. The performance of the solo song had the idol sit in between a garden under a snow globe.

The wall looks nothing short of enchanting and goes a long way in showing fans determination and love for the idol.

In another one-of-a-kind project, Ukrainian ARMY has outdone themselves by organizing a light-laser and firework show for their idol. The fanbase uploaded a sneak-peek of the performance, promising to drop the entire 12-minute show on his birthday.

Jimtober celebrations continue around the world as Jimin becomes the first idol in the world to have a fire and laser show featuring his solo songs for his birthday.• btsukrprojects • October 10• Ukraine

The same Chinese fanbase has also organized a light show in the idol's hometown, Busan. The inspiration comes from the icon leaving his hometown for Seoul to be a part of BTS and spread the Korean culture globally with BTS.

The project will cover the entire 120 meters of the Busan tower, and the latest technology will be used for the light show. He is also the first artist ever to feature on the tower.

27th Birthday Support for PARK JIMIN Part.20 [Light Of The Setting Sun]First person in the world - Thematic Projection Show of Busan Tower. It’s the first time that Busan Tower undertakes a birthday project for artist.Time:10.13 20:00-22:00

These are just some of the many epic celebrations fans have in place for the BTS member's birthday. Others include a pretty 3D ad in Shinjuku, Japan, a customized bus on Egypt's streets, LED ads, donations to the LGTBQ+ NGOs, trees, animals and more.

Fans launched a Jimin bus through the streets of Cairo and Alexandria. They also later posed with the bus, took pictures and sang a birthday song for Jimin. • Eagle_Egypt_BTS • Egypt

With less than two days to go, ARMY has turned October into 'Jimtober', changing their cities into a full-fledged JiminLand.

In other news, ARMYs trended 'Happy Birthday Jimin' and 'Not Today' together on October 11, having fun two days before their idol's birthday.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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