BTS Jin Pajamas: How to buy, price, release date, and all about the merch drop

Kim Seok-jin (Image via Instagram/@jin_bighitentertainment)
Kim Seok-jin (Image via Instagram/@jin_bighitentertainment)
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World-famous boy band BTS certainly have some exciting news to share with their fans. Despite being on vacation, the group planned to reveal their exclusive merchandise with their members having four days to decide and create individual products. Being the eldest in the group, Jin was the first to present his design.

Jin took to social media to disclose his product, which was an adorable nightwear product with two themes, 'Good Day' and 'Bad Day' pajamas.

Concept behind BTS Jin's merchandise

Jin has his own unique style and there is no doubt that he looks exceptional in whatever he wears. Famous for wearing casual and comfy clothing, Jin's new casual merchandise is made of high-grade material, with adorable TinyTAN stickers embossed all over the cloth. The comfy product is size-inclusive and also has pockets.


The concept behind the two themed pajamas is interesting. On the days when one feels proud of what they have done, they can wear the 'Good Day' pajamas (which is blue in color). On the days where one feels unhappy, they can slip into the 'Bad Day' pajamas (which is black in color). Interestingly, Jin has even designed pillows to match these pajamas, showing just how much thought and care the artist put into his personal product's design.

Where to purchase, release date, and more

Jin's thoughtful merchandise will be available on the Weverse Shop app with fans able to purchase them starting from January 4, 2022. The band's Indian fanbase will have to pay through international payment services like PayPal. The pajamas are selling for 119,000 South Korean Won (about $100 USD) per set.

Artist-Made Collection by Jin Official Merchandise馃槆Good Day / 馃槇Bad Day Pajama and PillowMERCH BY JIN PREVIEW @BTS_twt

ARMY (BTS' fanbase) is looking forward to getting a hold of these TinyTAN pajamas, the fans' excited reactions once again creating a buzz on Twitter and various other social platforms.

"Pajamas could mean you're ending your day. Pajamas that give you a warm hug and say 'well done'" -Jin ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS 'Making of Log' from Jin 馃敆:馃専
Love how Seokjin's pajamas not only emphasize good quality but they're also size inclusive and have pockets 馃ズ馃挄Thank you so much seokjin 馃ズ鈾ワ笍馃檹馃徏MERCH BY JIN PREVIEW #氚╉儎靻岆厔雼 #BY_Jin #JIN @BTS_twt

Additionally, the band members enjoyed modeling in Jin's cozy pajamas, certainly a sweet gesture from the entire group to support his merchandise.

Tae sleeping with 2 pajamas, Jimin smiling, Yoongi comfortable in bed while Hobi with smiley jacket and Jin presenting his products as the PERFECT PR executive and artist...This pic somehow, SCREAMS bts whith their chaotic personalities.I love them so much!
Look at vmin being the cutest models of jin鈥檚 pajamas 馃槶 #BY_Jin #CollectionByJin #JinMerchStyle @BTS_twt

The agency HYBE will soon launch items designed by RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, Taehyung (V), and Jungkook. Additionally, HYBE is releasing 7Fates: CHAKHO, a webtoon set in a fictional world. The series will feature all members of BTS as characters who come together to save a city from monsters.

With the band trying to incorporate itself into various forms of entertainment besides music, this kind of holistic approach is sure to prove beneficial and inspirational for all K-pop groups in the industry.

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