BTS members height: How tall is each BTS singer in feet?

BTS, one of the most popular K-pop boy groups (Image via BTS/ Twitter)
BTS, one of the most popular K-pop boy groups (Image via BTS/ Twitter)
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A Grammy-nominated K-pop boy group, BTS has wonderful personalities with incredible physiques. The Korean music industry has its own beauty standards, which many K-pop stars follow, and many fans are curious about the heights of BTS members.

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The development of a person's height is gradual, particularly once they reach a certain age. BTS members' heights vary, and the disparity is only a few inches.

Height of each BTS member

7) RM

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RM, whose real name is Kim Nam-joon, is the leader of the world's most popular K-pop boy band. He stands about 5'11"/181 cm tall. The group's leader is the tallest member.

With an IQ of 148, he is also one of the brainiest of the lot.

6) Jin

Jin, birth name Kim Seok-jin, is also known as Worldwide Handsome, aka WWH. His height stands at 5'10.5′′/179 cm tall. The Super Tuna singer is also one of the tallest members of the group.

5) V

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BTS V is known as one of the most handsome faces globally, with an ideal facial structure. His real name is Kim Tae-hyung, and he is also the same height as Jin, at 5'10.5′′/179 cm.

Yet, he weighs about the same as Jimin, which adds to the excellence of his talent and striking visuals. V also has long legs that give him a taller appearance.

4) Jungkook

Jungkook, also known as Golden Maknae, is the youngest member and has remarkable charisma. His birth name is Jeon Jung-kook, and despite being so young, he is very tall, standing at around 5'10"/178 cm.

In addition to his excellent vocals, Jungkook possesses various abilities, such as directing and dancing.

3) J-Hope

Every Army's hope, J-Hope is a group member often displaying a cheering persona for others around him. The rea-life Jung Ho-seok stands at approximately 5'10"/177 cm tall. His dancing skills invariably captivate fans.

2) Suga

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Suga, a K-pop rapper and notable music producer, is approximately 5'9"/176 cm tall. A sassy and shy personality, he is known for his cool attitude.

Suga is a very adorable person underneath, according to his fans. His real name is Min Yoon-gi, and the producer of Stay Alive is also known as Agust D.

1) Jimin

can never get over pink haired jimin from spring day era 🥺#OurBluesJiminOST

Jimin, real name Park Ji-min, stands around 5'9′′/175 cm tall. He has a long neck and thus appears nearly identical to the other members. He's also one of the slimmest members of the group.

Moreover, his song Filter reached number 1 on the Canadian iTunes chart, making it the 116th country in which the song has reached number 1. Hence, it maintained its history as the highest-charting track from the group's solo song on iTunes.

Most of the group members are taller than the average South Korean man, and their influence is impressive. Apart from Jimin, the height of the group members hasn't changed significantly.

Jimin has also revealed that his height has enhanced by 0.4% and that he has overtaken Suga, despite his claim that he would still close the gap to J-Hope's height.

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