BTS RM hits 180 credits in KOMCA, reaches second place for most-credited K-pop artist

BTS RM is the youngest K-pop artist with 180 credits in KOMCA (Image via NAVER X Dispatch)
BTS RM is the youngest K-pop artist with 180 credits in KOMCA (Image via NAVER X Dispatch)

BTS RM is being celebrated by fans of the group for hitting a total of 180 credits in KOMCA, or the Korea Music Copyright Association.

With the addition of Tomorrow X Together's new song to his portfolio, he received his 180th credit landing him in a tie with K-pop solo artist Psy. Fans are congratulating the rapper, by getting the "#RM180KOMCA" trending in his honor.

BTS RM ties with P Nation's Psy for second most-credited K-pop artist in KOMCA

BTS RM (real name Kim Namjoon) received his 180th credit from the Korea Music Copyright Association, for his involvement in TXT's song 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Ikuta Lilas. TXT, also known as Tomorrow X Together, is a labelmate of BTS and is currently signed to Big Hit Music under HYBE Corporation.

During an interview, TXT had revealed that RM was the one who suggested the title for that particular track, saying that it fit the mood of the song the best.

With this credit, BTS RM now ties P Nation's Psy for being the second most-credited K-pop artist by the KOMCA. In the first place stands solo artist Ravi, who previously used to be a member of the K-pop boy group VIXX.

G-Dragon, the leader and rapper of YG Entertainment's Big Bang, is currently in third place with 174 credits.

After the credit was officially added, ARMYs (fans of BTS) began trending the K-pop idol's name on Twitter to congratulate him on the historic achievement. Currently, he is the youngest K-pop artist to have that many credits to his number under KOMCA.

BTS RM is known to be very involved with the music that BTS releases. For the majority of their discography, he possesses composing, writing or producing credits.

Even prior to his debut as a member of BTS, Kim Namjoon was involved in writing for K-pop artists. In 2010, he was credited for helping write the lyrics of Love U Hate U, a song by the ballad group 2AM. In 2012, he wrote Party (XXO) and I Like That by the now-disbanded K-pop group GLAM, who were under the same label as him.

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