BTS' V praised for his professionalism during 'Butter' performance at the 2022 Grammys 

Fans praise V for her professionalism at the Grammys (Image via @taehyung.bighitentertainment/Instagram)
Fans praise V for her professionalism at the Grammys (Image via @taehyung.bighitentertainment/Instagram)

Renowned K-pop group BTS delivered an excellent performance of their summer hit-single, Butter, at the 2022 Grammy Awards. The group’s performance is being talked about even days after the event by various international magazines and media outlets.

Netizens, in particular, are commending group member, V, who performed spectacularly despite being a little nervous during a short skit before the music began playing.

In this close up you guys can see how Tae's hands were shaking during the skit as he was so nervous 😭You did well Tae, Love you, love u so much💜@bts_bighit

BTS’ V, aka Kim Tae-hyung, wins over his own nerves and delivers a knockout performance

At my funeral, please don’t use words. Just show this pic. Well, I mean, if you have other angles of this moment feel free to use those as well. 😁 #BTS #BestNightEver #GRAMMYs @bts_bighit @BTS_twt 🔥 📷: @GettyImages

Music’s biggest night, the 2022 Grammy Awards, saw some of the most jaw-dropping performances by world-famous singers like Lady Gaga, BTS, Olivia Rodrigo, Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, and more. Each artist delivered performances that mesmerized the audience and their global fanbase.

Staying true to the title as the world’s biggest K-pop boy group, BTS made a huge impact with its 2022 Grammy performance. Many artists from the music industry have praised the group for their flawless execution and inspiring music.


The group stuck to a Mission Impossible theme for its hit Butter on the Grammys stage. They amazed the audience with a never-seen-before dance break. They also showed off their impressive acting skills with a short skit at the beginning of the performance.

During the unexpected skit, V, aka Kim Tae-hyung, whispered in singer Olivia Rodrigo’s ear and pulled out a card from behind her which he then threw towards Jungkook. Though this exciting moment went viral, most fans didn’t notice how nervous V was during his scene until they rewatched it.

Taking a closer look at his hands, fans were able to spot that the idol’s hand was visibly shaking when he showed the card to Olivia Rodrigo. The moment highlighted how nervous he was to be performing on music’s biggest night.

Fans commend the K-pop idol for his professionalism

His hand shaking, Tae was so professional that we didn't even notice🥺#V #BTS #방탄소년단#뷔

After seeing the skit performance again, ARMYs were full of praises for V’s ability to look calm and collected during the performance despite his nervousness. Fans took to social media platforms and applauded him for his true professionalism.

taehyung’s hands shaking during the grammys skit feels like such a fever dream… like the man was the PICTURE of suave coolness?!
@thetaestudio they planned it at the last minute and he still pulled it off amazingly, i hope he knows that, he is such a professional artist
@thetaestudio His handsss😭,he was trembling bye still managed to slay
@thetaestudio Awww our baby...he is so professional..😭😭
@thetaestudio @thetaeprint Yeah but he really did a great job and thanks to her for doin great acting too 😊💜
@hobiisangels @thetaestudio I know!! He did so well I would’ve never known that he was nervous!
@thetaestudio She played along so well and had cute expressions like Tae said!! I’m extremely proud of Tae for his boldness and what an amazing act of card throwing!! He’s a born showman for this show biz 💜💜💜

BTS is also receiving a lot of love and adoration from several celebrities, fashion magazines and media outlets for their boldness and unique style. Not only are the group members being praised for their looks, but their 2022 Grammy performance has gone down in history.

Music’s most-famous magazine, Rolling Stone, updated its list of the ‘25 Great Grammy Performances of All Time’ and ranked the group #13 among other epic performances since 1975.

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