BTS V's latest hit, 'Christmas Tree' makes history by debuting on Billboard's HOT 100 chart

K-Pop sensation BTS V (Image via HYBE)
K-Pop sensation BTS V (Image via HYBE)

BTS V's latest solo track, Christmas Tree, made it big by debuting on Billboard's HOT 100 chart during the first half of 2022. It's a new milestone for BTS V and K-pop music. V's song, Christmas Tree, is the first Korean drama OST by a solo artist to feature on the Billboards.

Starting the year on the right note, Christmas Tree ranked #79 on the Billboard during the first week of 2022. It is not only V's first solo song, but a popular OST for the ongoing drama Our Beloved Summer.

The soundtrack Christmas Tree was launched on Christmas Eve, 2021. It garnered lots of love and attention from music and drama lovers. V becomes the third member of popular boy-band BTS to have a solo track on the Billboards. Band members J-Hope and Suga had their solo tracks featured on Billboard's HOT 100. ARMY's and netizens have taken to social media to rejoice over the same.

Netizens expressed joy and list out the success of BTS V's track, 'Christmas Tree'

V's solo track, Christmas Tree, has garnered tons of love and attention ever since its release. In December 2021, the song managed to trend on Spotify, so it was just a matter of time before his melody was recognized as an international sensation.

Fans from across the internet cannot stop gushing about the track. Some have posted the song's success on other platforms, while others congratulated the young star on his success.

One fan expressed how unprepared they felt to receive so many solo tracks from BTS members back to back.

K-Pop is making it big internationally

Most people believe that K-POP gained international recognition only due to BTS, but that is hardly the case. Many K-pop bands and artists like NCT 127, Blackpink, Twice, Monsta X, and more had their music featured on the Billboards at some point. The K-pop industry has garnered a lot of international fans over the years.

Now, with BTS being the current biggest K-pop act, soundtracks from the band and band-members are fetching a lot of love and attention.

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