BTS Wordle: How to play, rules and all you need to know 

Image via @bts_bight on Twitter
Image via @bts_bight on Twitter
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BTS ARMY is always on top of things, and the viral word-game Wordle is no different. The dedicated fanbase has created their own version of the hit game and are dominating social media with it.

The group's version of the game is created by @btschartdata, one of the holding pillars of the fandom. The game is made through clone project hannahcode and can be accessed here.

How to play BTS Wordle?

Every day, there's a new word to guess, and it has something to do with our seven boys. It might be their name, hometown, favorite tunes, or simply a word they frequently utter.

To begin the wordle, come up with a five-letter word that is relevant to the band. The tiles will turn a different color with each guess, letting you know if you're almost there— If the letter is in the word and in the correct spot, it is purple; if the letter is in the word but the spot is incorrect, it is yellow; and if the letter and spot are both incorrect, it is gray.

The game rules (screenshit via the Wordle app)
The game rules (screenshit via the Wordle app)

The words can be anything from song titles to member's names to trivia and entertaining facts about the group. Members Jimin and J-Hope's solo singles, The Septet's Mixtape-related work, and SoundCloud releases have been the word of the day so far.

Since it went viral, there have been a slew of spin-offs of Wordle, including 'Absurdle,' 'Primel,' 'Sweardle,' and even a Taylor Swift-themed variant, 'Taylordle.'

Wordle for March 2, 2022 (Screenshot via the Wordle website)
Wordle for March 2, 2022 (Screenshot via the Wordle website)

"Wordle" came into being in October 2021, and was created by Josh Wardle. The premise of the game is that you get six chances a day to guess the five letter ’word of the day.’ The game's popularity has suddenly exploded, as things do on the internet, with almost 2 million players by the beginning of January 2022.

Btschartdata is about to unleash another stan trend. I can feel it. Just like the google polls, I know there's someone itching to make their own fandom wordle now.

With the 'word of the day' resetting every 24 hours, Wordle has created a fun pastime in which users from all over the world can participate and compete.

@btschartdata is known for their work is updating the ARMY community on the achievement of the group. They also frequently organize 'Streaming Projects.'

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