"It's beautiful": Building Roots fans react to Ben and Cristi Dozier's magical transformation of a family home 

Cristi and Ben Dozier (Image via HGTV)
Cristi and Ben Dozier (Image via HGTV)

Building Roots fans were fascinated after seeing the magical transformation done by Ben and Cristi Dozier in today's episode. The couple renovated a Colorado Springs family home and turned it from a small cramped house to a large open area home connecting to its surroundings.


The new HGTV show Building Roots follows power couple Ben and Cristi Dozier as they build and renovate a few "out-of-the-ordinary, unique homes." Ben designs and builds the home, and Cristi decorates them.

Fans react to a mesmerizing transformation done by Building Roots couple Cristi and Ben Dozier

Fans were impressed by Ben and Cristi as they saw them transform a Colorado Springs home with very little space into a classy open house:

Building Homes Season 1 Episode 1 recap

Episode 1 of the show was titled Bringing the Outdoors In and featured Ben and Cristi Dozier renovating a family home located in the mountains.

The couple reconnected with their roots as their first client turned out to be from their hometown of Texas. The client asked Ben and Cristi to renovate their home, which they felt was cramped up inside.

They had a budget of $200,000 but wanted the renovation project to be over in eight to ten weeks.

In this episode of Building Roots, Ben built a double deck in the house with new mantels. The couple also transformed the kitchen, which was small and congested, into an open brick tiled kitchen. Ben and Cristi also added a private door to their bedroom and renovated their bathroom to give their clients a better view.

They tore down the carpeted stairs of the house and turned it into a straight steel staircase. Ben chose natural colors for the interior of the house to connect the home to the outdoors.

Cristi used Bohemanian products to decorate the home, as requested by her client. The home looked natural, although it was built with a steel framework.

From the expanded deck outside to the fresh interior with lots of natural light, the clients were astonished by the Doziers’ gorgeous designs.

During the episode of Building Roots, Cristi also managed another stunning transformation, turning a drab basecamp for a local horse riding outfitter into an adventure escape pod.

She chose neutral colors to decorate the tents and a natural wood-based table to give the impression of "growing out of the ground." Her client was impressed with the result and told Cristi:

"It's an absolute piece of artwork."

Fans can watch new episodes of Building Roots every Sunday on HGTV at 9.00 pm ET/PT. Viewers can also watch the series on HGTV GO on the same day as the TV premiere of new episodes.

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