Burger King South Korea debuts peanut butter stacker and fries in unique menu

A Peanut Butter Stacker is now available in select Burger King locations in South Korea. (Image via burgerkingkorea/Instagram)
A Peanut Butter Stacker is now available in select Burger King locations in South Korea. (Image via @burgerkingkorea/Instagram)

Burger King is at it again. No, not disastrous ad campaigns like the “women belong in the kitchen” campaign. But rather another step that the fast food chain has taken to bring its menu to the next level of, strange. Recently, Burger King in South Korea has incorporated peanut butter flavor in its traditional burgers and even french fries.

According to a Chewboom report, Burger King consumers in South Korea are going to find an interesting twist in their meals: a whopper with a peanut butter sauce and fries topped with the sauce as well. In an ongoing attempt to boost its menu and rid it of as many artificial flavors, the chain has gone above and beyond to incorporate unconventional flavors in its burgers and sandwiches.

Burger King’s magic ingredient is peanut butter sauce in a whopper


The incorporation of peanut butter, which apparently came after market research by the fast food chain in South Korea, has been used in two different style whoppers, per The first is the traditional whopper with peanut butter, which includes two beef patties, American cheese, mayo, pickles and the peanut butter sauce in a sesame seed bun.

The other, which is the Peanut Butter Chicken Stacker, comes with the same components as the whopper, with the only difference being the patties and American cheese. In the stacker, the two beef patties are replaced with a hamburger patty and a crispy chicken filet, and there is no American cheese. But that’s not all- Burger King is going all out with peanut butter and also using the sauce to drizzle on its crispy french fries as well.

The aforementioned peanut butter sauce also includes brown cheese in the mix. The new combination of ingredients is only available in South Korea, and only until May 8, 2022 at select locations. Whether or not this experimental new stacker will make its way to the US is still unknown. Peanut Butter, being a favorite American flavor, might be a great thing to bring to the States

This new and bizarre combination of food is a part of the restaurant chain’s effort to make drastic changes to its food and keep the menu real. Whether or not it has succeeded in it remains to be seen.

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